Helllo Everyone,

Since my 1st Instructable i've not got enough likes. so, I thought Of making a new instructable.

here is my 2nd instructable to build a Arduino Home Automation System.

This is the First Build Using Bluetooth And the Other Is Using Ethernet.

So Let's Began The Build With The Bluetooth,.........................................................


I am a very lazy person, and usually as am the only child of my parent's and they tell me to do many of the work. And I really hate when they tell me to get up and specially when am working on my laptop,, and the reason's to get are "turn on the light ; give me the TV remote ; " and i hate to do that.....

so i came up with an idea, as we teenagers always have our mobile with us. i thought of controlling all the things present in the house with our smartphone.



Materials Required To Build:-

  1. Arduino
  2. Bluetooth Module
  3. ULN2803
  4. 12V or 24V Power Supply Unit
  5. 7809 Voltage Regulator
  6. 7812 For a Fan (Optional If your Using 24V Power Supply)
  7. Small 12v dc Fan
  8. Some Wires " I'll Suggest You To Use a SMPS Wires As They Are Good "
  9. Screws Project Enclosure Box
  10. 12V or 24V relay "I've Used 24V industrial Relays"
  11. Some Buffer's
  12. Terminal Blocks
  13. Pcb
  14. some heat shrink
  15. 2 way switch (optional if u want mannual light ON/OFF)

Software Required:-

Arduino IDE

An Android Phone

Tools Required:-

  1. Drill Machine
  2. soldering iron
  3. screw driver
  4. pliers
  5. wire stripper


Watch The Steps To Do Pcb Printing



Then Install all The Components In The Enclosure As Per You'r Needs..

Please See The Photos To Get The Ideas.

You Can Even Make Your Own Relay Board....

Do The Wiring As Per The Circuit Diagram Its Very Simple.

Sorrry i have connected only 8 relays there is an option for 9 relays you need to add one more ULN2803.

Please Watch the video to see the 2-way switch wiring, and see the photos.

the only thing you need to change in the switch wiring is that instead of the 1st switch connect the relay which even has a 3 pins.

I have even housed the powersupply in a smps cabin.

ill suggest to see all the photos i've posted to get all the idea


First Download The IR LIBRARY

unzip it , and place it in the library folder. see the photos for the reference.

now open the arduino IDE.

go to the examples option and open the ArduinoIrRemoteMaster (or whatever You have Named It) and open IRRecevDump file and upload it on the board with the Ir receiver Connected to Pin 11.

Now Watch The Video Of How to Record The Ir Code With The Explanation.

Now Upload The Arduino Code

Am Providing The Code With Already Ir Codes Inserted For TATASKY STB and SONY TV.

Please edit it as per your decoded codes

Now Upload The Code With The Transmitter Pin Of The Bluetooth Module Disconnected From The Board .

Once Code Is Uploaded Connect The Transmitter Pin Of Bluetooth Module To The Arduino Receive pin.


Now Install The Android App On The Phone.

Small Video On How To Use The App And Set Up Your Android Phone For Use With The Bluetooth Module.


now till this point your code is ready your hardware is ready and even your mobile is ready.

so before turning on please check the positive and negative lines weather they are in proper polarities from the power supply or not, cross check the connections and turn it on.

Step 6: YOU'R DONE

If Everything Is Good to go the start using it.

further if you want a more custom app can contact me and ill be there to help you all.

thanks a lot

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<p>can u send the details and also the material as specific as u can cause its really a good project so i should use things like arduino and bluetooth so .....i need more guideness to this project........can u please email me rubineravi68@yahoo.com</p>
<p>hi, </p><p>sorry for late reply you can connect with me on facebook with what exactly you need help with, as i have almost specified each and everything needed to build this project.</p><p><a href="https://www.facebook.com/parthyatintemkar" rel="nofollow">https://www.facebook.com/parthyatintemkar</a></p>
<p>Neat idea, and well done on figuring out the complex bits. Thanks for sharing!</p>
thanks a lot for the compliment <br>i'll soon share more better instructables in future <br>
<p>PARTH can u send me the code on home automation.</p><p>Thankyou</p><p>Email:babloo.601@gmail.com</p>
instead of using Bluetooth module, i am planning to use WiFi module,so does the code remains same or should i change
nope.. brother. the whole code change as you need to declare WiFi setup n all. then the Android app changes.
<p>nice work,can you email me the arduino and android source code inteligentosax@gmail.com.thanks</p>
<p>i havent work on arduino before but i am planning to make this same as u made it. but i have only one trouble with it the application where to get this app0 that u are using ?</p>
<p>send me mail. ill mail u the ap and the code if ur really intrested.. <br>parthbhat13@gmail.com</p><p>Regards<br>Happy building </p>
<p>what android app was that</p>
<p>it is the app used to control the house or used to command the arduino</p>
<p>very good job .Thank you</p>
parth- i look forward to asking you questions about your auccess with toner transfer method at the meetup for IoT in Mumbai.
I'll be glad and it will be my pleasure to answer u the questions <br><br>for sure I am also looking forward to meet u and gain some knowledge from u
<p>I do have a board that I need immediately. if you can tell me the steps your followed for toner transfer, that will help me immensely. </p><p>My main problem lies with the transfer not happening good enough, and the choice of paper. The laser print i get is from the local shops, is that a good idea?</p>
<p>Nicely done.!</p>
thank you

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