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Basically what it does:

This Home Security Alarm is fun beginner project that I did and it can detect something if there is any nearby object using the ultrasonic range sensor. If it does detect something given at a certain distance then it will activate the piezzo buzzer, and the LEDs; therefore, sort of acting like a fire alarm(if you change the tone of the piezzo buzzer). This could be used if someone like your parents walk into your room, and you're doing stuff you don't want them to see. For example: your are planning a secret birthday, anniversary or just any kind of special event for them that you want to remain as a surprise! Maybe your own private room you don't want anyone coming into. You could use it as a home security alarm(I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS, UNLESS YOU HAVE A LEGIT SECURITY ALARM IN YOUR HOUSE!!!!!) You could anything you want with it! Your imagination is the ONLY LIMIT!!

Things You Need:

  • Arduino Uno or Sparkfun RedBoard
  • Breadboard
  • USB serial connection to Arduino
  • 16 Jumper Wires
  • 2 Blue LEDs
  • 2 Red LEDs
  • 2 Green LEDs
  • 2 Yellow LEDs
  • 8 330 Resistors
  • hc-sr04 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Piezzo Buzzer

Step 1: Star Wiring!

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Step 2: Now All You Gotta Do Is CODE!!!

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Full Code:

Step 3: Now the Demonstration and a Close Up View!


seamster (author)2015-07-23

Looks interesting! Can you explain a little on how this is used?

da_sreester (author)seamster2015-07-23

Thank You! Sorry for not being clear enough I'm really new at this, in fact I just started yesterday, and I did update it!

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