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Farmerbry (author)2017-01-29

How do I open up the code in the tutorial to copy/paste?

CoreyC39 (author)2016-11-07

I have a problem: I'm like 14, and want to use a Bluetooth usb on a arduino uno to control it from my phone (I'm gonna make 2 and use the board as a brain) and really wanted to know how and if i could do it without wasting 50+ dollars. Please help. I only want a way to wire the two arms together while using the same board and power source. Is this possible or completely insane?

MertArduino (author)CoreyC392016-11-08

I don't fully understand the problem. But you can add arm. And you can get the power from one place. You need to use a good battery (maybe li-on). And distribute by calculating the power with the help of a breadboard.

CoreyC39 (author)MertArduino2016-12-05

hey, would you like to help me work on it with some other people?

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