this is my very first instructables and I was referred by an old member. Follow her link here: (http://www.instructables.com/member/Analogue-Chick/

Its a simple illustration on how we can connect Arduino to Matlab and actually control and get information on Arduino
using Matlab

I have seen few tutorials regarding how to control or get data from Arduino using Matlab. Matlab is a very powerful tool for student and engineers a like. That's why i want to create this tutorial as a start for those, like me want to explore the 2 powerful tools in engineering and techs.

It's a rough start for me since this is my first post in instructables.... feel free to comment so i can improve it thanks!

here's the vid for the demo:

Step 1: Step 1: Things you need to know

In this tutorial you need to know the following:
1. Matlab and creating M-file and GUI (there are tons of tutorials online)
2. Arduino and Arduino programming
3. Arduino Support with Matlab
        tutorials from Giampiero Campa

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