Arduino Internet (Without Wifi Shield)





Introduction: Arduino Internet (Without Wifi Shield)

In this instructable I'm going to show you how to connect your arduino to the internet, there are many ways to do this. One use an Ethernet shield but its wired and not very convinent to use ,on the second is wifi it may be the best way to connect to internet but wifi shields are expensive its around 80 dollars.
In this I'm going to connect arduino to internet using Bluetooth module and this would cost you around 5 $ . This is the best and cheapest alternative.
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Step 1: Requirements

The nessary requirements is a cheap Bluetooth module from eBay HC06 , an android phone with an internet connection. You can buy the cheapest module for 4$ , search over eBay for HC06 . You should use an voltage divider before connecting it to the arduino. Reffer to the circuit for assembly.

Step 2: Android Setup

After you complete the previous steps its time to setup your android . Download an app from play strore named Arduino Bluetooth tether . And set up update time to every 1sec. Pair your android with your HC06 , the pairing code is either 1111 or 1234 . Turn on the app and connect your module.Leave the server URl to default if your using the attached examples or enter your server URL if you want to control your arduino using your own codes.
That's it your done.

Step 3: Example

Then create your own code and server using processing depending on requirements. Visit this 
website for more details and examples-  
Chose a project you like and you'll find the sketch in the description.



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Does this work only in local network? like both phone acting as modem and another phone should be connected to same internet?

I cant pair whith my Galaxy S2. Its a pity because im very intetrsted in

On the site, which of the projects listed relate to this instructable? I know you want to promote yourself by redirecting to that site, but it is a mess...

Hi. I understand how to get data from the Web to Arduino, but nowhere on your site I could not find how to get data from the Arduino to web. Thanks

can any one help me please ??

i wont to use arduino in my project ..
i wont ardino send alarm to my androin phone 'by internet ' whin the Bell home is ring
What are the pieces that will I need ??
remember by internet no IRir no blotooth
thank you

well you will be needing blutooth to comunicate to the internet , you should have some basic knowledge of server comunication. You will be needing two android phones for this. Or a pc and android phone.

i read in th e playstore description someone who found yr app 'useless' coz there were no setup instructions. You directed him to the website. I checked that.... would you mind saying where on that website it is explained?
I cant get connection. it does not matter what I fill out instead of HC-07 the connection screen keeps coming back telling me it cant find HC-07. Well maybe that is because I dont have an HC-07 and instructed to search for an HC-06. Onviously the app does not understand that or am i completely missing the point?

hmm if i fill in th enam eof my device (HC06 or linvor) and press start I get an arreor that it cannot find device HC-07

so what is the catch?
I can connect to my bluetooth model with a dongle from my pc and communicate with it, so i know it works

So is there a way to connect threw a iPhone?

Sorry but are you sure that Bluetooth module name is HC06