In this Instructable we will build a clock that also displays inside and outside climate conditions.

I used to have a cool little clock that, in addition to telling the time, also displayed the temperature inside the house, the date, and the outside temperature via a remote sensor. There were three main problems with the clock though. First, the remote temperature sensor that was placed outside never worked. It constantly lost connection with the main part of the clock and it devoured batteries. Second, the inside temperature was only listed for the room housing the clock. I was always wanting to monitor the temperature, for example, in the bedrooms as well. Last, the clock was just very ugly with a basic monochrome display and no backlight.

Today we will create a web-connected, Arduino-powered clock/weather station. Our clock will be much more powerful than any available from retail:

  • We will have an attractive clock that is easy to read and fully customizable.
  • We will get accurate temperature and humidity readings for inside the house.
  • We can use multiple sensors placed around the house to get readings from as many rooms as we want.
  • Aside from temperature and humidity, we will also get ambient light level readings and sound level readings.
  • We will get very accurate outside temperature and humidity via the Yahoo Weather service.
  • All our data will be on an online dashboard that is beautiful, fully customizable, and accessible from anywhere.
  • Since the dashboard is available online, we can access it from a mobile device to monitor conditions in your home while you are away.
  • We will get graphs of the data over time to observe trends that we can use to more efficiently use the home's air conditioning system.

Clock Display

The IoT weather clock in this Instructable displays the time, outside temperature/humidity, inside temperature/humidity, inside ambient light level, and inside sound level.

InfoDisplay Image
Outside Conditions
Inside Conditions
Inside Light Level
Inside Sound Level

Step 1: Gather Your Parts

You will need:

Reference NumberImagePartQuantityLink
1Arduino Uno R31SparkFun
1CC3000 WiFi Shield1SparkFun
1Ambient Light Sensor1SparkFun
1Temperature and Humidity Sensor1SparkFun
1Electret Microphone1SparkFun
1Project Enclosure1SparkFun
1Stackable Headers1SparkFun
1Standoff Kit1SparkFun
So it's a clock, but you have to use your computer to view it ? ;-)
<p>dude its IOT , Internet of Things, any device capable of running internet can be used to to see display of weather clock like smartphone,tablets.</p>
could use a raspberry pi (maybe the new super cut down one?) and a small display, create an enclosure for it and connect it to WiFi.

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