Step 4: Get Cooking!

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Yes, I mean it. Just plug it into a USB wall adapter, and you are away with your nice Arduino Kitchen Timer. I wouldn't think that it would be very waterproof, so please dry your hands well before using it, and anything you do with it is your own responsibility, so please don't try and sue me. I hold © Copyright for this Instructable and it's contents, but I would love you to share this if you reference the link to this instructable when you do so. Thanks guys, I hope it works for you!! Feel free to ask me anything in the comments, i will try to help you with it but I am a bit new to electronics and Arduino, so please bear that in mind!!

*/ Usage Instructions

Reset the Arduino, and press the button as the LED segments light. Each segment represents 5 mins. When the correct number of segments are lit release the button. The display will flash and the segments will appear again. After 5 mins one will disappear, etc until the timer is complete. At which point a graphic will be displayed and an alarm will sound. To stop the alarm reset the Arduino. There is no need to have the Arduino turned off, as the Kitchen Timer is designed not to function without input.

Enjoy!! /*

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