Arduino LCD Keypad Shield





Introduction: Arduino LCD Keypad Shield

Step 1: Library

You will need to install the Keypad library.

Step 2: Code

Here is my modified code from the example code included with the library. I added the function to turn on the LED on digital pin 13 when the select button is pushed and to turn it back off then the select button is released.

Step 3: NOTE:

Do not changed digital pin 10. This pin is used to control the back light of the LCD. If its set to output and high it may damage you LCD shield.



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    Thank you for such great information, I now have a functional LCD. The only issue is that the UP button does not work, could it be that I have a broken LCD shield? I am using a shield made by SainSmart. Thank you again


    It could be the LCD shield or to code. I'm
    not sure if yours works the same as mine. You can check the shield by
    using a multimeter and check the continuity of the button and then
    follow the traces to the pins and recheck. You should only have
    continuity if the button is pressed. If that checks out it could either
    be a problem with the Arduino GPIO connectors (they ware out over time)
    or could be a problem with the library Pinout. If thats the case you can
    modify it or #define in the sketch.