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This is part of my games console project. This is a port of Atari's Pong but it is only you that plays, so no computer just you. you control both panels to hit the ball. So lets start.

Step 1: What You Need!

You will need:

Arduino or Genuino UNO

LCD Keypad Shield

LED (optional)

Step 2: Assemble It!

First clip the LCD to the Arduino or Genuino UNO. Next (in slots ground and 13) add the LED. Make sure the long end is in 13. Now add the code!

Step 3: CODE

Pong! By moo06

Comment if the link doesnt work.

Step 4: Play It

Picture of Play It

Now your done so you can edit or just take it and play. Also the LED is and upload and bootup warning.


deltaray3 (author)2017-10-17

<metoo>Link doesn't work.</metoo>

KetanK15 (author)2017-05-30

Link doesn't work

KetanK15 (author)2017-05-30

Link never open

VingTrack (author)2016-12-13

Link doesn't work

Games41 (author)2016-12-03

Link doesn't work

SitiN22 (author)2016-09-20

hi the codes not there.. can upload?

angadsachdeva (author)2016-05-14

is it single player

moo06 (author)angadsachdeva2016-07-07


ÅskarA2 (author)2016-07-06

Link does not work

moo06 (author)ÅskarA22016-07-07

Ill get it back sometime

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