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Introduction: Arduino – LED Cube 3x3x3

In this tutorial I’ll show how you can create your own LED Cube 3x3x3. I’m sure you already saw some similar projects to this one but you never took action and made your own. Now it’s time to make your own!

By the way you can find more project here:

Watch this Demo Video of my project:

Step 1: All Parts Required

  • 1x Arduino Board
  • 27x LED’s
  • 1x Stripboard
  • 3x 22k ohm Resistors
  • 9x 220 ohm Resistors
  • 3x NPN Transistors (for example: 2N2222, BC547, 2N3904)
  • Wires
(I included a picture with all the parts)

Step 2: Video Tutorial + Schematics

If you follow my video tutorial I think you'll understand how you can finish each step! If you have any problem please leave a comment below. (I also included my schematics in the pictures)

Step 3: Upload Source Code

Download the library here.

Be sure to download the library and unzip it to libraries. If everything is correct you should find an example in the Arduino IDE software under File > Examples > LedCube > ledcube.

Upload that ledcube example!

Step 4: Final Product

That's the final product!

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why Error compiling for board Arduino

Uploading using IDE 1.0.6 worked for me! Thanks!


while compiling i am getting error as


ledcube.pde: In function 'void loop()':
ledcube:49: error: taking address of temporary array
ledcube:50: error: taking address of temporary array
ledcube:51: error: taking address of temporary array
ledcube:52: error: taking address of temporary array
ledcube:53: error: taking address of temporary array
ledcube:54: error: taking address of temporary array
ledcube:55: error: taking address of temporary array
ledcube:56: error: taking address of temporary array
taking address of temporary array


how to resolve

i am using latest arduino on windows

Hi Harshit, I am getting the same error. Could you tell me how you fixed it?

I am also facing same type of problem. Kindly send the accurate/ error free code :(

Do you found any solutions?

maybe you can check local variables. its seems to be variable problem.

Yah. I found the solution.

Its very simple by the way.
You just have to get potential difference to blink any of the 27 led.
Put high on the longer terminal and low on the shorter one while coding. Its very easy if you no the basis of embedded C.

Hi, I have same problem... Can you send me the fixed code????