Arduino, LED, Dice!

Picture of Arduino, LED, Dice!
I love LED's and I love The Arduino platform!  (I also like dice!) 
so I made a Arduino, LED dice!
On with the project!
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Step 1: PARTS

You Will Need:
-1 Breadboard
-1 Buzzer
-7 Red LEDs
-1 Green LED
-1 300ohm resistor or 3 100ohm
-1 Button
-1 arduino
-? jumpers

Step 3: Add The breadboard!

Picture of Add The breadboard!
Add the breadboard with jumper spacing as shown!

Step 4: More jumpers!

Picture of More jumpers!
Link the row of the jumpers to the next row as shown in the picture.

Step 5: LEDs!

Picture of LEDs!
connect the leds with the spacing in the picture.

Step 6: More jumpers!

Picture of More jumpers!
Two jumpers for the button.  You may not need to do this depending on your button.

Step 7: Insert the button!

Picture of Insert the button!
Place the button on you breadboard as shown!

Step 8: Connect up the button!

Picture of Connect up the button!
connect one output of the button to digital pin 12 like shown!

Step 9: Connect up the button!

Picture of Connect up the button!
Add your 300ohm resistor to the same as output pin as the one with digital pin 12.
(in my case I used 3 100ohm resistors)

Step 11: Connect up the button!

Picture of Connect up the button!
On the final output of the button to ground.

Step 12: Spreading ground!

Picture of Spreading ground!
Get your bottom ground rail and connect it to the top ground rail.

Step 13: Connect Ground!

Picture of Connect Ground!
Picture 425.jpg
Picture 426.jpg
Connect all of the ground pins of the LEDs to the ground rails!

Step 14: Plug the green start LED in!

Picture of Plug the green start LED in!
Plug the green LED into the breadboard!
(This LED is not needed, it just flashes when the code starts)

Step 15: Connect ground!

Picture of Connect ground!
Connect the ground pin on the LED to the ground rail.

Step 16: Connect positive!

Picture of Connect positive!
Connect the positive pin on the LED to pin 13.

Step 17: Bzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzzz!

Now to annoy everybody!
get the positive pin of the center LED and connect a jumper
over to an open rail.

Step 18: Connect the buzzer!

Plug the positive lead on the buzzer to the jumper you got from the middle LED and the negative into the negative rail.

Step 20: Your Done!

Picture of Your Done!
Now have fun playing games, annoying people, and remember, Arduino safely!
shaggs312 years ago
This is a good idea. Thanks for posting the code. I would love to see a video of this working.

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