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In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make LED Spectrum with arduino.

First make this LED Matrix for Arduino.

Use the Code on this Instructable below and upload it to arduino.(fixx_ftt files are the libraries)

Connect the Audio out of the music playing device to arduino Analog pin A0.

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AntanasM1 (author)2016-12-19

hey i have bit problem when i try upload code to arduino i get some error

F77HKA9I4SCTVX9.ino:1:21: error: fix_fft.h: No such file or directory

F77HKA9I4SCTVX9.ino: In function 'void loop()':

F77HKA9I4SCTVX9:27: error: 'fix_fft' was not declared in this scope

how i fix it mayby someone can help whit what?

twicejiggled (author)2016-03-11

Hey, I've got the scrolling text working, added the fix_fft files through the libraries, but i'm getting a number of errors appearing for the cpp file:

C:\Users\Liam\Documents\Arduino\libraries\fix_fft\fix_fft.cpp:55:7: error: 'prog_int8_t' does not name a type

const prog_int8_t Sinewave[N_WAVE-N_WAVE/4] PROGMEM = {


In file included from C:\Users\Liam\Documents\Arduino\libraries\fix_fft\fix_fft.cpp:1:0:

C:\Users\Liam\Documents\Arduino\libraries\fix_fft\fix_fft.cpp: In function 'int fix_fft(char*, char*, int, int)':

C:\Users\Liam\Documents\Arduino\libraries\fix_fft\fix_fft.cpp:204:28: error: 'Sinewave' was not declared in this scope

wr = pgm_read_word_near(Sinewave + j+N_WAVE/4);


C:\Users\Liam\Documents\Arduino\libraries\fix_fft\fix_fft.cpp:214:28: error: 'Sinewave' was not declared in this scope

wi = -pgm_read_word_near(Sinewave + j);

AnassD (author)2015-09-03

can you give us the shematiques i don't know how to read the ino file. thanks

මංප (author)AnassD2015-12-25

hope helpful :)

sadeepa where are you :v

DilshanR1 (author)2015-10-21

super bn

christianalamis (author)2015-03-19

wprogram.h no such file directory... i got this error? any idea how to get rid of these.

i think the library is missing

rpotts2 (author)2015-01-13

Don't you need to amplify before connecting to arduino?

djsadeepa (author)rpotts22015-01-13

This works without any amplifier. I just connected this to my mobile phone headphone out and worked perfect.

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