Introduction: Arduino LED Rocker Game!

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This is a simple arduino game, pretty basic but insanely addictive. It's based on the blink without delay example of the Arduino website.

To play, just open the Serial Monitor, and press the button when the middle LED turns on. You'll get three lives before you lose. GOOD LUCK!!


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You are going to need:

1. Arduino uno

2. 9 LEDs

3. 10 400ohm resistors

4. button

5. breadboard and some jumper wires

Step 2: The Build

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Every LED should be connected with a resistor from pin 2 to pin 10.

Follow this fritz, then connect the button to pin 13 of the arduino (don't forget the pull down resistor).

Connect the ground GND pin to the ground rail of the breadboard

Step 3: The Software

Start with the blink without delay example in order to understand the final project.

Once done, load the final project.

Make sure that the proper board is selected!

Step 4: All Done!

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You have three lives, every time you click the button when the light is not on the middle LED, you lose a life.

Once you run out of lives, the game restarts.

When you click the button when the light is on the middle LED, the lights rock faster.

Thank you and good luck!


SANUKI UDON (author)2016-08-23

It is very nice:-)

R Jordan Kreindler (author)2016-07-11

Thank you for this post. I will give it a try. Nicely presented.

RichM3 made it! (author)2016-02-23

Awesome project idea. One of my students made it. My only suggestion is to update the schematic to show how you wired up the button. I figured it out from the photos, but I could see some beginners having issues.

Joe_barhouch (author)RichM32016-02-27

Glad to know that it worked!!! if you want them to make a cool project, solder components on a pcb board, and then create a housing. it would be great

RichM3 (author)Joe_barhouch2016-02-29

Thanks for the idea, I am debating if I want to try to make it into a 3d printable game. Also trying to figure out how to hook up an lcd or something to be able to display the level and game over.

duly (author)2016-02-26

How much voltages

Joe_barhouch (author)duly2016-02-27

5v is required for the LED to work

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