Arduino - LED Scrolling Text ~ Simple & Easy





Introduction: Arduino - LED Scrolling Text ~ Simple & Easy

Hello Friends, This is the Simplest method to make Scrolling Text on LED Matrix using Arduino. You can buy a 8x8 LED Matrix or make your own (more cheep) following this guide. . Sorry for my English cuz I don't know it well.

Part List

  • Arduino (UNO)
  • LED Matrix (8x8)
  • 8 x 220ohm Resistors
  • 8 x 10K Resistors
  • 8 x 2N2222 / 2N3904 Transistors

  • 4017 IC
  • Dot board (To assemble the circuit)

Step 1: Hardware

Now we need to Assemble the circuit to Drive this Matrix. It consist of 4017 Decade counter.(See the diagram) and assemble the circuit. Connections to Arduino are shown on that.

Step 2: Code the Arduino

Upload this Code to your Arduino.

Replace " - DJ Sadeepa" with the text you need to be displayed.

Step 3: Testing

So Connect this to an External power source or let it to operate with USB Power, you will see the text displayed on The arduino.




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Hello, I don't quite get how numbers equal the characters. Like how does "24,60,102,126,102,102,102,0," output "A", would you mind explaining this? Thanks.

hii i just have a question i have made this but one little help can you tell me how can i join more of this 4017 counter ic to make a bigger matrix board to show a lot of text together what code should i change to make the scrolling to stop at a row 100 or 300 something like that. is that possible ..thank you vary much for this it really helped my project at my school.I hope you will help me.thanks in advance.

Hello! Thanks for sharing. I'm a bit limited in my software skills, but I want to modify this code for a project so it only displays in just one column of LEDs. Any help with modifying would be awesome! Thanks!

I succeeded in making it, its simply awesome . Can u give some font generator for the code used in arduino.

thanks, try this

como remplazo el codigo no entendi ??

Se refiere a que el texto del char aparecer√° en la matriz, lo que vayas a remplazar aparece. el puso solo un ejemplo por eso dice que lo cambies.

I want to make a 64x8 text scrolling led matrix display. Does your code support cascading shift register(74hc595) to make a long display by adding more matrices. I am good at hardware side but very little knowledge on software part. If possible will you please help me with software.
I am using atmega328 mcu, 4017 + ULN2803A to sink current from 8 rows and 74HC595 + 220 ohms resistor to drive 64 columns. I was inspired by "24x6 led matrix by yst3mX" but his code is limited to 24 columns only.


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