This is a project for Arduino to make a Light Sensitive Bar Graph, aimed at beginners.

Arduino measures the voltage on a voltage divider composed of a resistor and an LDR (light dependant resistor).
A bar of LEDs are illuminated corresponding to the measured voltage.

* Learn how to use an LDR
* Learn how to illuminate a bar of LEDs according to a measured voltage

Step 1: What You Need

You will need:
* Arduino UNO
* Some LEDs
* A 560 Ohm resistor for each LED  (or a value similar to that)
* A 10k Ohm resistor
* An LDR
* Breadboard for wiring up e.g. (http://www.oomlout.co.uk/prototyping-bundle-for-arduino-ardp-p-186.html)
* Some Wires
<p>Hello, can we use neopixel addressable leds instead of normal leds? </p>
<p>Thanks for this, I built it and because I am just starting my Arduino journey this taught me some valuable things.</p>
<p>This is was part of a project I had in one of my classes. It was really helpful. </p><p>Thanks a bunch for putting this up!</p>
I just made this, great instructable, thanks!

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