Step 1: Parts

Here are the parts you will need to have this accomplished, where to find them, and what you will need out of them:

-Arduino UNO, MEGA, or DUO
  (Recommend MEGA) Link 

-Radio Shack Sidekick Basic Kit Level one for Arduino
  From it you will need:
  -Breadboard (circuit board)
  -ALL Long wires and some short wires
  -20 2- leg LED lights

-Computer with Arduino Software and USB Cable
   Arduino Software
<p>dont you need any resistor? becouse i don't want my leds to burn out</p>
<p>avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00</p>
I have an Arduino Uno Rev 3 will it still work with the same code?
I only have an Arduino Duemilanove - it has 0 - 13 digital pins - will this still work? I should think so but just wanted to check. <br> <br>Thanks!
Yes. I used my analog pins too. Just use the numbers corresponding to the analog pins in the code
do I have to use a certain color wire? I see you are using two yellows, blues, reds, and one green. I don't have enough blue wires. Could I use another color wire?
Yes you can. It doesn't matter what the color is, only whether the connections are correct. Hope you enjoy!!
Cool USB cable! Where can i get it???
I got mine from amazon. It's very cheap like about $6. Have fun with the project!

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