Picture of Arduino Light Show

Step 1: Parts

Here are the parts you will need to have this accomplished, where to find them, and what you will need out of them:

-Arduino UNO, MEGA, or DUO
  (Recommend MEGA) Link 

-Radio Shack Sidekick Basic Kit Level one for Arduino
  From it you will need:
  -Breadboard (circuit board)
  -ALL Long wires and some short wires
  -20 2- leg LED lights

-Computer with Arduino Software and USB Cable
   Arduino Software
Benjamin.10 months ago

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

Hexaquan1 year ago
I have an Arduino Uno Rev 3 will it still work with the same code?
dronehub1 year ago
I only have an Arduino Duemilanove - it has 0 - 13 digital pins - will this still work? I should think so but just wanted to check.

teke115 (author)  dronehub1 year ago
Yes. I used my analog pins too. Just use the numbers corresponding to the analog pins in the code
furrowb2 years ago
do I have to use a certain color wire? I see you are using two yellows, blues, reds, and one green. I don't have enough blue wires. Could I use another color wire?
teke115 (author)  furrowb2 years ago
Yes you can. It doesn't matter what the color is, only whether the connections are correct. Hope you enjoy!!
Gabse2 years ago
Cool USB cable! Where can i get it???
teke115 (author)  Gabse2 years ago
I got mine from amazon. It's very cheap like about $6. Have fun with the project!
Gabse teke1152 years ago