* Updated 08/24/2013 to include more pricing, source information, and top/bottom/wheel templates

Mostly functional for general public, use at own risk!

Hey hey! This is a Programmable Line Following Robot for Beginners. This project is designed to work in tandem with our Arduino Traffic Light for Beginners instructable. However it will work just fine without!

We estimate this can take approximately 10 to 15 hours of work for someone who hasn't done any electronics or programming. If that's a bit much, we recommend checking out this instructable! Depending on how you source your parts, the average cost for this project will probably be between $40 and $60.

This project was designed for a summer camp at a Hackerspace in Ann Arbor, MI. If you aren't already familiar with what a Hackerspace/Makerspace is, we highly recommend you check one out! They can be a wonderful resource for both tools and information. Things like access to a LASER cutter can make this project look significantly better with minimal effort. Find one near you!

Suggested Tools
- Soldering Iron
- Wire Snips
- Pliers (Needle Nose Preferred)
- Wire Strippers (22 AWG)
- Utility Knife
- Phillips Head Screwdriver (No. 1)
- Pencil
- Arduino UNO
- Breadboard
- 9V Battery Holder with 2.1mm Barrel Connector
- LASER Cutter
- Heat Gun

Suggested Materials
- 1 x ($1.50) - Photocell (Sparkfun)
- 2 x ($2.26) - QRD1114 - IR Emitter/Sensor (Sparkfun)
- 3 x ($1.00) - 100 Ohm Resistors - Brown Black Brown (Sparkfun)
- 2 x ($1.00) - 220 Ohm Resistors - Red Red Brown (Sparkfun)
- 2 x ($1.00) - 270 Ohm Resistors -Red Purple Brown (Sparkfun)
- 2 x ($1.00) - 5.6k Ohm Resistors -Green Blue Red) (Sparkfun)
- 2 x ($1.00) - Yellow LEDs -Indicators Lights on Car) (Sparkfun)
- 2 x ($1.00) - Red LEDs -Brake Lights on Car (Sparkfun)
- 1 x ($17.00) - 22 AWG Solid Core Wire in Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, and White colors (Sparkfun)
- 1 x ($2.00) -  Solarbotics Plastic Caster (Solarbotics)
- 2 x ($11.50) - DC Gear Motor (GM2) (Solarbotics)
- 2 x ($2.00) - NPN Transistors (Adafruit)
- 2 x ($1.50) - Diode 1N2001 (Adafruit)
- 1 x 9v Battery (Local Hardware Store)

- 1 x LASER Cut Acrylic Top Plate *
- 1 x LASER Cut Acrylic Bottom Plate *
- 2 x LASER Cut Acrylic Wheels *

- 2 x Thick Rubber Bands - 3.5cm diameter x 1cm width (Local Hardware/Craft Store)
- 1 x 8" Zip Tie (Local Hardware Store)
- 2 x ($0.50) - Machine Nuts - #3 1/2" Micro (Local Hardware Store)
- 2 x ($0.50) - Machine Screws - #3 1/2" Micro (Local Hardware Store)
- 2 x ($0.50) - Machine Screws - #2 1/4"  (Local Hardware Store)
- 4 x ($0.50) - Machine Screws - (~1/8" Diameter, ~1.5" Length ) (Local Hardware Store)
- 12 x ($1.00) - ?? Nuts for Machine Screws(Local Hardware Store)
- 1 x ($2.00) - Double Sided Sticky Foam Tape ~10cm length x ~1cm wide) (Local Hardware Store)
- 1 x ($2.00) - White Electrical Tape Roll (Local Hardware Store)
- 1 x ($3.00) - Foam Core Board24x36" 1/4" thick 
- 1 x ($3.00) - Heat Shrink Tube: 25cm of 3/32" (~2.4mm) diameter.

Highly Recommended
- Clean workspace
- Good lighting
- Someone awesome to work with

Short on resources?
- Find out if there's a local hackerspace near by!
- Need it today? Radioshack. Can you wait a few days? Adafruit, and Sparkfun are excellent resources.

Who made this?
- This instructable was brought to you by Khevna Shah and Josh Williams, and much help from the World's Friendliest Hackerspace: All Hands Active

* Don't have a LASER Cutter?
- See the PDF files! They contain a printable version of the Top and Bottom car plates, along with wheels. Print them out and purchase a sheet of 1/8" Baltic Birch. Along with a drill, a good assortment of bits and an appropriate saw will make for a classy wooden version!

Step 1: Prepare Your Workstation

Excellent job, from station setup forward. I think a novice could use these instructions to build. You got my vote for weekend project.
Thank you!
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<p>Hi :D Could you send me the final code? Im an absolute beginner:( daimonworld@gmail.com</p>
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Hi, can I have the final code for this project? Kinda new to this field. Thank you.<br>taufiqtaha1992@gmail.com
Hi, can I have the final code for this project? Kinda new to this field. Thank you.<br>taufiqtaha1992@gmail.com
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