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All we do like old games such as Snake, one of the most popular games of our childhood. There are many projects on making this game . These projects are based on 16x2 LCD, LED matrix or graphic LCD from sell phone which give a little room for snake. Our idea is: let snake grow as big as you can manage! So in our project LCD is 16x4 (16x2 also supported)! Project we made is based on this one. We made changes in the code to add support for 16x4 LCD and rewrote method of storing and showing LCD data to decrease MCU memory requirements, so any Arduino microcontroller board fits fine for this project. We chose Arduino Mini.

For this project you need:

1) Arduino Mini or other Arduino board

2) LCD 16x4

3) Arduino Joystick, like this one

4) Jumper wire

Step 1: Hardware Connections

Schematic is very simple (1 pic.).

Arduino --- LCD

----------------1 - GND

----------------2 - 5 V

----------------3 - GND


----------------5 - GND






----------------15 - 5 V

----------------16 - GND

Arduino --- Joystick



6---------------Z (Key)

To connect multiple GND and 5V wires soldering may be required.

Step 2: Programming

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Download sketch and upload it to Arduino. That’s all! Enjoy!


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