Do you want make a little and simple Smart Object? Do you want a platform that leave you to express your idea, without many complications?

Arduino MKR1000 & Cayenne is the solution!

Arduino MKR1000is a tiny and smart Arduino that have wifi101 shield inside. You can connect the board to internet, directly without use any type of shield or upgrade.

Step 1: What's Cayenne?

Cayenne is an ambient that give you a possibility to connect many boards, like Raspberry Pi, or Arduino, and use a Dashboard for control the input and output of that boards.

The software is online and free. You can Sign Up now by using this link:


After the subscription, you can see your dashboard, and all the boards that are online. You can add many boards, and many widget, like buttons, counts, or graph. Also you can use a MQTT protocol.

It's awesome!

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