Picture of Arduino MP3 Shield
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Hi , I would today to share my experiment with MP3 Shield from ELECHOUSE , this Shield have Inboard Keys which is can control the Audio file very easy , Support FAT16 And FAT32 , And can read MP3 , WAV Format from SD Card ,  U disk , and from Build in SPI Flash memory , that Give you an ability to save your Audio file on the Board and play it later, so no need to External Storage device .

as I mentioned before , this shield Has Inboard Keys to control the Audio file , and You can Control the Audio File by Programming from Arduino , You can program your Audio when it's begin , Switch between file and Control the Volume Up and Down very easy .

I want to Show you How we can Play Audio from SD Card and U Disk . 

The component that we need is : 

1)  Arduino Board .
2) Arduino USB-SD MP3 Shield From ELECHOUSE You can buy it from  here  .
3) SD Card With adapter.Or  USB Flash .
4) Speakers Or Headset .

Step 1: Arduino MP3 Shield

Picture of Arduino MP3 Shield
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MP3 005.JPG
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The Arduino MP3 Shield Have many Advantages such like   Control by Serial UART interface or keys onboard , Have Build in Audio Amplifier 3W , and has On board 64MBit SPI-FLASH, which you can Save Your Audio file , and play it later .

This Shield can controlled from Arduino By Hardware Serial "Rx  D0 , Tx  D1 " and  By Software Serial " RX  D7  , Tx  D8" So at first You can  Use Hardware serial , easy to use but you must remove the shield when you want to Upload new sketch .

You can change The Serial interface pin by solder tools , Just remove the solder from Upper 2 pads and solder a small bridge between the 2 pads below to active Software serial Pin . look to the image attached to see these 3 pads .  

You can also Bridge amplifier control bridge so you can turn on  or Off by solder Amplifier Control pin , so This pin attached to arduino D9 Pin , I didn't use it in this experiment 

You can also Solder Pin header on This shield "Look at the Picture" So You can connect Speakers to this shield 

mkluvme131410 minutes ago

Hi. Can i know whether the bluetooth HC-05 module still can be attached to the arduino and mp3 shield? I want to use android phone to control and i saw mp3 shield has consumed the Tx and Rx pins. Sorry i am a beginner to this.

dankaraji1 year ago
great tutorial...is it possible to play specific musics automaticly for different sensors? im working on a project that for hot tempreture or cold tempreture i wanna have different set of musics played randomly..how would that work? thank you

Curious if you found an answer. I am looking for something similar!

Sure, just program it into your .ino file. Only pins 7 and 8 are used, so put your sensors into other pins.

DjDodogsefin3 months ago

to play it in certain time like an alarm ?!

need help please

TomW95 months ago

Very useful tutorial - the official instructions were crazy.

Still having trouble triggering specific tracks, but play pause next etc work.

Any idea about specific tracks - does this project do it (seems to)?

sw33tking1 year ago

Arduino mega, I cannot run, could you help !!!

error code :
avrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): communicating with timeout programmer

try to press your reset button while uploading the code, also you could try reflashing the arduino bootloader. I got that error once. For me it was caused by overcurrent, i was trying to drive 1amp from the usb without an external psu which could cause that error. It can mean many things (your chip could be fried).

fsudal1 year ago
Thank you for such a great tutorial! I am new to this and just installed my mp3 shield on my arduino UNO. I can't seem to get it to work. The user guide seems to suggest that an iSound.mp3 file needs to be the last file on the SD card. Is this correct? If so what text should be in the file?

Do you have any other tutorials? Thanks again for your help.
Mohannad Rawashdeh (author)  fsudal1 year ago
You are welcome , you will find the answer in the step # 2 , just put your audio file and rename it as prefix from 0000 , 0001,0002,0003 and so on , the shield deal with the audio number , check it and let me Know your results :)
asantiago81 year ago
sir, thank you for this instructable.,i just want to ask if it is possible to use piezo sensors as triggers to play different audio files?thanks!
Mohannad Rawashdeh (author)  asantiago81 year ago
Yes , you can do it .
can an arduino mega handle multiple mp3 shields?, using jumpers....
Mohannad Rawashdeh (author)  asantiago81 year ago
Sure, Just replace Software serial library in The code By hardware Serial in the Mega and you can use up to 3 shields !