Arduino Microcontroller Projects





Introduction: Arduino Microcontroller Projects

After several years experience with Arduino decided to summarize projects into an E-book:

You can download a zipped file that includes:

Arduino Reference
Basic projects

Large size LED-display 16 digits
Spy cam model 808 using PIR
Skype robot via Android, Iphone with DTMF
Laser show with 2 galvo mirrors

USB Thermometers with 1- wire bus
USB Sensors - light, sound, dust, etc
USB PIR triggered webcam
USB Webserver reset Watchdog relay 1-wire temp.
USB Geiger counter, Radioactivity
USB Heating water valve motor control
USB Electricity meter readout
USB QuantifySelf snorking sound detector

Wireless control of 432 MHz power outlets
Wireless sensors 432 MHz receiver decoding
Wireless transceivers AMB8255

Webservers, home-built, low-cost
Webserver IP-controlled power outlets

Upload to Pachube
Remote control behind firewall via relaying webserver



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    Janisalnis, I download the file, when I unzip (2013 07 24 Arduino microcontroller projects) it was Corrupted. Would you be so kind and check the file?


    I know it's been a while since this was posted, but is this still active? I tried to follow the link and it appears to be no longer active.

    please try a couple of times may be server was asleep.

    i can get it because the web ask for the username and password?can you give it to me..or the zip reference file to my email :
    thanks a lot because i need it to become a reference for me to finish my project.because i'm confuse now to do it..because the architecture is new concept to me. the architecture is like :

    xampp(php mysql) ----> computer---> ethernet shield ----> arduino ---->LED ( on/off)..

    thanks for all helping for me....

    Hi Robin,
    thanks for writing about download issues. I set up a mirror
    Good luck!

    big thanks janisalnis..for the reference...

    big thanks janisalnis..for the reference...