Here's a simple clone of an old Tetris game created with Arduino Uno, OLED 0.96" display and joystick (or thumbstick) to control its block. This project is based on Anthony Russell's (a.k.a BADFEED) Tiny Tetris, I just changed its OLED I2C configuration & added joystick/thumbstick as gamepad. Special thanks to Anthony Russell (a.k.a BADFEED), watch his Tiny Tetris demo here youtu.be/n4nrEgMsXSY

Step 1: Demo


Please wait for its fully instructables. Now I'm trying to make its tutorial complete as soon as possible. Don't forget to like, share & subscribe if you love this project. See ya on the next project! Thank you very much.


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<p>hello, Lintang. i have a question, if the change the lcd like that? how to program that?</p><p>thank you</p>

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