When I was a kid, I loved playing with Estes Rockets, so I decided to get back into the hobby but using all of my maker skizzls. So here's a really cool Arduino Rocket Launcher launching 3D Printed rockets from my MakerBot Rep2! Enjoy! Fully Open Source for anyone to make!

Arduino Code on GitHub

Thing Files for 3D Printing on Thingiverse

Step 1: Acquire All the Components

Things you are going to need to complete the Instructable and Launch your own 3D Printed Rocket are put together in a comprehensive list in an Excel Spreadsheet with links to the components I used - You can always use your own if they are laying around!

For the actual rockets - I highly recommend designing your own or finding one on Thingiverse.com. Also having a 3D printer, experience with Arduino, and knowing how to solder will be incredibly useful in making the launcher and launching your own 3D printed Rockets!

Also if you are under 18, please acquire an adult for supervision! You will be using (controlled) explosives later on!

<p>Can you put a schematic for the conections?</p>
<p>Someone should make an instructables on how to build the launch controller. like the one you made, but with simple ICs instead of a whole Arduino. Would be cheaper and more available. Thanks for the guide.</p>
<p>Sounds like Estes rockets might be into sponsoring a contest on Instructables this summer. Stay tuned. </p>
<p>That would be awesome! I'd love to be involved if possible. </p>
Launch It! Contest is scheduled to start on 5/5. Pro-tip: don't publish any rocket 'ibles until cinco de mayo so they'll all be eligible for the contest. You may enter more than one project. :D
<p>Very cool, great work... I just built one with a trio of 555's, not as fancy with the countdown display, that's for sure... </p><p>By the way - that is one big mosfet to drive an LED!</p>
<p>Thanks! I know its a big mosfet - just had them laying around! :-)</p>
<p>Interesting project... though I'm not sure I'd want to use a microcontroller as the basis for a single station launcher; a bit of overkill. But on the other hand, looks like more fun than your standard Estes controller (a button and an LED). Out of curiosity, how much do the rockets come out weighing (excluding motor)?</p>
<p>Let's get ready for war!</p>
<p>Nice big red button to launch the rocket!</p>
<p>Insane yo! Not often do I see an Arduino project that's this fun (and explosive). Killer work.</p>

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