The aim of this project is to make a Arduino Motor Control Shield, that is cheap, ergonomic and easy to make. I was thinking, why not use cardboard instead of a pcb, after all its easy to use for almost everyone!

The Motor plugs into the green screw terminals, and the shield is powered by 1 9V battery. You could also stack 2 shields and share one battery to power 2 motors without bulk.

PS im 15 years old

Step 1: Parts List!

So here is what you need. About 5$ max in parts from Radio Shack

1 Transistor (I use 2N2219)
100 OHM Resister
1 Piece Cardboard
1 Screw Terminal
1 9V Snap
Misc Wire
Basic Soldering Stuff

<p>what is the resister for</p>
Very interesting.
I wouldn`t ignore the diode if you want the transistor to work for long.
Thanks man
the code you posted is only turning the motor on. <br> <br>this code with put the motor at 100%, 50%, 0% :) <br> <br> <br>int motorPin = 11; <br> <br>void setup() { <br> <br>pinMode(11, OUTPUT); <br> <br>} <br>void loop() <br>{ <br> analogWrite(motorPin, 255); // Motor 100% <br> delay(5000); <br> analogWrite(motorPin, 127); // Motor 50% (almost) <br> delay(5000); <br> analogWrite(motorPin, 0);; // Motor 0% <br> delay(2500); <br> <br>}
are u an Indian?? <br>
TYPO: 100OMH Resister

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