Picture of Arduino Music Box

Make your own music box!

9V Battery

Box Materials (cardboard, scissors, tape, markers)

  • P1 Power
  • W7 Fork
  • I3 Button
  • I20 Sound Trigger
  • W6 Arduino
  • W1 Wire (2)
  • O3 RGB LED
  • O5 DC Motor
  • O24 Synth Speaker
  • (I used the Little Bits Deluxe Kit and the speaker from the Little Bits Synth Kit)

And then you're ready to go!!

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Step 1: Assemble The Bits!

Picture of Assemble The Bits!

Connect the battery to the power bit.

Add the fork to the power bit.

Put the button and sound trigger bit on either side of the fork.

Then connect the arduino bit to those modules.

The button should be connected to the D0 input

The sound trigger should be connected to the A1 input.

Then on the other side of the ardunio bit, you should connect the two wire outs and the LED bit.

The LED bit will be in the middle output on D5 and the wires will be in the other outputs of D1 and D9.

You will then connect the wires to the DC Motor and the Synth Speaker.

Adding the wires in doesn’t change the module, it just allows you to extend the length of the bits so that they can be placed in a better position.

After connecting all of the bits together and adding the code you should have a working module!

wilgubeast8 months ago

That looks super cool and like a great entry point to play with LittleBits. That star just kills me, too. Nice work!