Programming RGB LED Modules to show changing colors is an easy way to improve your mood, and lighten your evenings. Programming Arduino to do the animations however can be challenging. With Visuino however you can create great effects in matter of couple of minutes or less.

In this tutorial I will show you how easy it is to connect RGB LED Module to Arduino Nano and program it with Visuino to animate the colors.

I have also made Video Tutorial of this project.

Step 1: Components

  1. One Arduino compatible board (I use Arduino Nano, because I have one, but any other will be just fine)
  2. One RGB LED module ( I got my one from Makerfabs ).
  3. 4 Female-Female jumper wires
<p>I did like Visuino, I tried it for a few days before it asked for money, and only via Paypal, I don't like Paypal for a lot of obvious and well known reasons. But , honnestly, I would have pay (I'm a big crowdfounder) if it was complete but a lot of simple devices aren't implemented. I tried to make a design including a standard ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04, with trigger and echo pins, but this at least 2 years old component is not in the Visuino libraries. No more in the Autodesk designer as well, but at least this one is free.</p>
Hi rafununu,<br><br>Thank you!<br>This is not true! HC-SR04 is included in Visuino and was one of the first components to be added, already 2 years ago. Here is example project with it:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Nano-Ultrasonic-RangerPing-Distance-I2C-2-/<br>The reason I am using PayPal only at the moment is that I try to keep the price of Visuino as low as possible. Other payment processors charge too much and I would have had to increase the price. You can keep using the Visuino for free. It will run for 5 min every time you run, which is enough for most projects, and then you can run again.<br>If you want to try some alternative payment, please let me know, and I can see what i can do.

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