Arduino on Pi





Introduction: Arduino on Pi

this is an instructable on how to make the raspberry pi have arduino IDE on the desktop. note you will need an internet connection.

Step 1: Boot Up and Log In

boot up the pi with your username and password

Step 2: Go to LX Terminal

go to the LX terminal and type in the code in the next step.

Step 3: Type in Code

type in the following code:

sudo apt-get install arduino

press enter and wait a good while until it is downloaded

Step 4: Move IDE to Desktop

go to the LX menu in the bottom of the screen it is sort of like the start menu on Windows but its Linux. Adding the icon to the desktop isn't hard just go into the menu and you should see a "Electronics button" right click it and choose add to desktop.

Step 5: Opening IDE and a Sketch

open a sketch in the arduino program and upload it to your arduino it should have the same bars as Windows but different i.e. file, edit, and so on. look for example in the file tab and you will find some menus. Look for basics and click fade or blink. choose the arrow pointing right to upload you must have your arduino plugged into the pi via the usb.

Step 6: Enjoy

enjoy and have fun I hope I have inspired you to do your own projects with a raspberry pi and arduino.



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Hi. This is a great tutorial thankyou. I'm however having issues with the version of Arduino that has been installed on my Pi (Raspbian Jessie) following this tutorial. It installs fine but when I open Arduino it just opens a blank page with a flashing cursor - which is unusual. Also, when I try to open a sketch that has worked on another Pi I have - it doesn't open at all. Can anyone offer any advice? Perhaps I should install an old version of Arduino? If so, how do I do this? Thanks

thank you for you information but i have a question, i want to work with ARDUINO DUE tarjet but i don´t find this tarjet in the list "board" on the Arduino IDE. Do you know how i find Arduino DUE in the list "board" on the Arduino IDE?


That was THE most useful post I have ever come across on the web !! I have spent all day trying to figure out how to get to my ELEVEN board from my Pi. This did it.


glad it helped you


Thanks for your info. I was on the misunderstanding that the RaspberryPi was not able to flash sketches to the Arduino. I used to be able to do it 6 months or so ago using an old Desktop, running Windows XP, until that gave up the ghost

Having spent I do not know how many hours trying to connect a laptop with Windows 8.1 & more recently Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Micro for flashing and failing I suddenly chanced on your Blog. Within 20 minutes, including time failing with an Arduino Micro & my hopes falling, I managed to flash Blink with Print added to a Mega 2560 & it worked first time.

Do you know which Board I should select for a Micro as it is not in the list?

Am in the land of BLISS so will now try to get the diy 3D Printer working - fingers crossed.

I suspect I will spend plenty of time perusing as well.

Yours, Walter

I don't have any advice on boards sorry...

And how to uninstall it???