Picture of Arduino PID Library - Brightness Control
PID Definitions:

The Proportional/Integral/Derivative controller or PID controller or just PID, is a proccess' control techinics that join Proportional integral and Derivative actions, thus causing the error signal is minimized by proportional action, integral action and cleared by a speed obtained with the preemptive derivative action.
It is based on mathematical modeling of the response of a loop process to be controlled.

In practice the PID controllers are found inside electronic controllers called "single-loop", often with microprocessors, and also through software on programmable logic controllers (PLC) and other control equipment.

In this project, we will simulate a brightness control with Arduino.
The Arduino will be running the PID library which can be found at:

In addition to the PID library for Arduino, will also need the PID Front End for processing, which is a GUI in order to configure the control parameters, such as P, I, D, Set Point and ways of working, etc. .. .; performing a user-friendly interface with Arduino.
You can also download the PID_FrontEnd from the link above.

As  we will work with Arduino and Processing, we need to have the Arduino's IDE and Processing 1.0.1 2.0b8 installed in our computer.
To the Processing software, run properly with PID_FrontEnd, we also need the library "ContorlP5" for Processing installed in our computer.
You can Download the library "ControlP5" directly from the related link below:

For details on PID control processes, I advise you to visiting the PID_V1 Library's creator website.

Also access  the "Control Guru" website for more details about automation and control.

Details about "Control Systems" can be found in the website:

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I tried adjusting P, I, and D constants but there was a small oscillation. It seemed the disturbance is too large.

susurluk85 months ago

hi its great application. can you send to me transfer function ?

BIGDOG1971 (author)  susurluk85 months ago
I do not have the transfer function for the system

Use this website to learn how to getting the transfer function from a real system.
sylD6 months ago
BIGDOG1971 (author)  sylD6 months ago
Send me an email requesting the code and libraries and I will share the files with you.
ealkhateeb10 months ago
hi ,

good job bro , but
how I can download Processing v2.0 ? or where ?

its website don't work !!
BIGDOG1971 (author)  ealkhateeb10 months ago
Hi Ealkhateeb
You will find processing to downloading on:

Ensure to download the correctly version of "processing" compatible with your Windows version and compatible with your hardware 32/64 bits.

pantelis11111 months ago
hi!! you made a great job.i would like to ask you which is the model of the led,sensor system.

i want to find the Differential Equation of the system and find the transfer function.

thank you