Introduction: Arduino + PS/2 Keyboard Controlled LED Flasher

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Hi all, It's another Hack with Arduino to be used with PS/2 Keyboard to Control an LED Flasher.

Step 1: Parts

  • Arduino
  • LED
  • 470 ohm Resistor
  • PS/2 Keyboard
  • PS/2 Keyboard connector

Step 2: Connection

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Connect the Arduino to Keyboard.There are 4 wires coming from the keyboard and their connections to arduino Digital pins are as follows.

  • 5V :- Arduino 5V out
  • Ground :- Arduino GND
  • Clock :- Arduino Pin 3
  • Data :- Arduino Pin 8

Connect LED to Arduino Pin 9.

Step 3: Code

First Include this library to Arduino (Sketch > Add file) < PS2Keyboard.h>

<p>#include < PS2Keyboard.h><br>const int DataPin = 8;
const int IRQpin =  3;
char c;
PS2Keyboard keyboard;
int led = 9;           // the pin that the LED is attached to
void setup() {  
  keyboard.begin(DataPin, IRQpin);
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
  if (keyboard.available()) {    
    c =*25;   
    analogWrite(led, c);

Step 4: Finished - Working Video

Now power the arduino and Pess any number on keyboard.

Ex:- no. 7

See how the LED Flashing changed.


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