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Hi all, today im going to tell about making a simple mobile phone from your arduino uno!

Step 1: Equipment

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- Arduino UNO

- GPRS shield with sim900 (i bought it here Amperka)

- AUX cable, microphone and speaker (i used JBL Go)

Step 2: Warning!

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GPRS shield isn't working correctly when using internal Arduino Uno power supply, so you need to use external power to arduino. See my adapter on photo

Step 3: Check

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If you all do correctly, after connecting external power you can see blinking ledS on gprs shield, it means that gprs board correctly connected to your mobile operator. See pic

Step 4: Sketch

After you complete all hardware steps you need to load simple firmware to your Arduino uno:

Step 5: AT Commands

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Interaction with sim900 module occurs via AT-commands.

To send AT command you can use SSCOM3.2 software.

Some basic commands can be founded here

For example to make call you need to send command ATD[Number]. See pic.


Step 6:


Young8ubble (author)2017-09-01


Swansong (author)2017-09-01

Thanks for sharing :)

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