Step 6: Program the ATMEGA

The last step is to program the ATMEGA chip using the Arduino software.  Download the attached sketch (glitchamin.pde) and upload it to your Arduino.  If you're not using the kill switch, comment out the line "#define KILLSWITCH".  This will prevent any killswitch related code from being generated.  If you would like to tweak some things, or debug your setup, uncomment the line "#define DEBUG".  This enables the Serial monitor (running at 115200 baudrate), which spits out the current values of the CdS, both pots, and the kill switch, every time it goes through the loop().  However, doing so slows down the loop quite a bit, causing some sound distortion, so be sure to disable it when you move to your finished circuit.
arduino man4 years ago
I can't get the code
gatesphere (author)  arduino man4 years ago
I just clicked the link... it works for me. Anyways, here's an alternative link: http://suspended-chord.info/downloads/glitchamin/glitchamin.pde