Arduino Power Supply





Introduction: Arduino Power Supply

Step 1: Parts

1. 1 9volt battery

2. 1 9volt battery connector

3. 1 connector

Step 2: Soldering

Solder the connector to the 9v clip

Step 3: Finished Product




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    There is also a "Vin' port which can accept voltages it's on the power terminal block, it also goes through the regulator ;)

    last time I tried that it got warm

    Perhaps use a 9v battery, I can run mine for more than 4hours and I have tested the power regulator with an oscilloscope and an infrared thermometer probe and it looks fine.

    I wouldn't use more than 9volts and 500mA though.

    Does anyone know how to save data from a sensor to a sd card with arduino

    Will it run on 6volts?

    I think the arduino uno can except up to 12 volts but I wouldn't do it unless you new exactly how many volts it excepts

    According to the website it can technically accept up to 20V, however the voltage regulator will run too hot if run over 12V.

    Just use a 6v lantern battery from a flash light

    I have found that a 9 volt battery only last about a day.

    I have started including 'wall warts' in my designs from the start. This allows a more continuous power flow