Arduino Powerd, RGB + White LED, Bluetooth controllable, Floor lamp

Picture of Arduino Powerd, RGB + White LED,  Bluetooth controllable, Floor lamp
A couple of mounts ago i order a 1M long WS2801 RGB led strip, just for fun.
I took me a while to get the strip working with my Arduino.

The next step was to figure out what to do with the strip.
after some time the idea came to me: a Bluetooth controllable floor lamp.

I ordered 4 extra bright ‘warm’ White Led strips, in order to make the Floor lamp useable on a daily basis.

I need to say, I made this lamp a couple of months ago,
before I head the intension to put in on here.
this mean I did not take much pictures  or draw sketches.

Step 1: Parts

Here a list of parts i used:

-Arduino Nano v3.
-1 meter WS2801 RGB led stip
-4x Samsung 1550lm/m  3000K 5050 LED Strip
-Bluetooth module.
-USB Bluetooth Dongle
-12v DC Power supply.
-12v DC to 5v DC converter.
-4x IRLZ34 (MOSFET).
-5x 1N4007 Diodes.
-4x 10K ohm resister.
-4x 1K ohm resister.
-4x 470 Ohm resister.
-a bread board.
-a prototype PCB.
-3x screw terminals.
-9mm x 35mm Wood beam
-25mm Carbon tube.
-25mm aluminium hollow profile Beam.
-50cmx50cm 1mm thick aluminium plate.
-2meter m8 stud.
-couple of m8 nuts
-fuse holder.
-USB connector en mounting.
-Power connector
-Shrink tube
-Cotton cloth.
DillyDog2 years ago
Do you know of an iOS app for this?
bram2202 (author)  DillyDog2 years ago
I made the Android app and Windows form app myself,
so there is no app for ios.

And another thing, for what I know you cannot send data
through Bluetooth in ios.

can you share the android app source ?? thx

pls send me the link for android app
Yes you can,... As long as the bluetooth device is BLE (Bluetooth 4.0 or low Energy)
i can't get the arduino program to work at all can someone help this situation
mosesman081 year ago
Great project! Just a couple of questions:
Do you have the android APK for this project? I know you said you couldn't find your source.
Also, what Bluetooth receiver did you use?
bram2202 (author)  mosesman081 year ago
I must have the APK someware, i'm trying to find it along with the Source code.
i used a cheap BT module from DealExtreme: http://dx.com/p/104299
asd1001 year ago
can any one explain the circuit design?
asd1001 year ago
can you please uplaod the android project??
asd1001 year ago
i am working on this project right now....can any one help me in its circuit design?