A couple of mounts ago i order a 1M long WS2801 RGB led strip, just for fun.
I took me a while to get the strip working with my Arduino.

The next step was to figure out what to do with the strip.
after some time the idea came to me: a Bluetooth controllable floor lamp.

I ordered 4 extra bright ‘warm’ White Led strips, in order to make the Floor lamp useable on a daily basis.

I need to say, I made this lamp a couple of months ago,
before I head the intension to put in on here.
this mean I did not take much pictures  or draw sketches.

Step 1: Parts

Here a list of parts i used:

-Arduino Nano v3.
-1 meter WS2801 RGB led stip
-4x Samsung 1550lm/m  3000K 5050 LED Strip
-Bluetooth module.
-USB Bluetooth Dongle
-12v DC Power supply.
-12v DC to 5v DC converter.
-4x IRLZ34 (MOSFET).
-5x 1N4007 Diodes.
-4x 10K ohm resister.
-4x 1K ohm resister.
-4x 470 Ohm resister.
-a bread board.
-a prototype PCB.
-3x screw terminals.
-9mm x 35mm Wood beam
-25mm Carbon tube.
-25mm aluminium hollow profile Beam.
-50cmx50cm 1mm thick aluminium plate.
-2meter m8 stud.
-couple of m8 nuts
-fuse holder.
-USB connector en mounting.
-Power connector
-Shrink tube
-Cotton cloth.
<p>Hi </p><p>nice project well done,</p><p><br>iam trying to control led strip 20 leds 36 mm ws2801 using arduino mega / Jinx.<br><br>the led strip is working great when controlled in standalone mode via arduino, yet iam not able to control led strip from jinx,<br><br>any help in providing code for mega is appreciated,<br><br>thanks<br><br>abdul</p>
Do you know of an iOS app for this?
I made the Android app and Windows form app myself, <br>so there is no app for ios. <br> <br>And another thing, for what I know you cannot send data <br>through Bluetooth in ios. <br>
<p> can you share the android app source ?? thx</p>
pls send me the link for android app
Yes you can,... As long as the bluetooth device is BLE (Bluetooth 4.0 or low Energy)
i can't get the arduino program to work at all can someone help this situation
Great project! Just a couple of questions: <br>Do you have the android APK for this project? I know you said you couldn't find your source. <br>Also, what Bluetooth receiver did you use?
Thanks! <br>I must have the APK someware, i'm trying to find it along with the Source code. <br>i used a cheap BT module from DealExtreme: http://dx.com/p/104299
can any one explain the circuit design?
can you please uplaod the android project?? <br>
i am working on this project right now....can any one help me in its circuit design?

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