This idea began years ago after my purchase of the soundtrack shirt from thinkgeek. It was an awesome shirt, but as is my nature I thought of some improvements. Specifically lights that pulse and blink to the music. After many failed attempts the party shirt was born. This shirt was possible through the help of akcarl's Beat Sync instructable.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Soldering iron
Helping hands
Wire cutters
Soldering tools
Wire stripper
Large sewing needle
Glue gun

1 - arduino uno
8 - leds (color optional)
1 - spool of wire
1- case for arduino
1 - circular lid
1 - speaker (from old answering machine)
1 - breadboard (optional, for testing your circuit)
1 - 3.5mm to 2xRCA (could be changed out for any other cord of similar function)
1 - spool of solder
1 - t-shirt
5 - zip ties
1 - Spade terminal connector
1 - Male terminal connector
1 - Spool of waxed thread

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