video Arduino / Processing ADXL330 accelerometer

This is still a work in progress. Currently only showing X and Y axis move, yet to show anything on the Z-axis. Hopefully some day it will. Please rate and comment as well.

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please give us more information about your project . I'm amateur and just know ADXL330 IC .
H4T3 years ago
Where's the Instructable? Instructables.com isn't another mirror for your YouTube videos - you really need to explain what your project is, how it works, and teach other people how to make their own. Even on your website I don't find any more information, just your videos and links to your blog. Where's the content?
nafiqah4 years ago
can i know the program..
otaviousp4 years ago
Nice project!

Are you using any kind of ant aliasing?

calidude895 years ago
that's awesome!!! what song is this btw?
c0ffeepowder (author)  calidude895 years ago
thanks! its by Apocalyptica, titled One.