The Arduino Quilting Machine combines the mechanics of a sewing machine, CNC technology and Arduino as an operating system. The project is designed to translate a vector file from a computer into G-code and subsequently into Arduino language which then moves the machine. The project uses four stepper motors to control the x-axis, y-axis, the bobbin case, and the threading. The bed moves in x and y direction while the threading moves up and down. This project is currently a work in progress and still being developed and tested.

Step 1: Block Diagram

<p>I am thinking of making an MPCNC (http://www.vicious1.com/assembly/). I wonder if it would be possible to combine the MPCNC's XY-movement with something like this.</p>
Did you ever complete?
<p>Hi,</p><p>Wife just a long arm. It is OLD with no computer. Next project is to automate. Looking for interested people to collaborate with. I have ideas for stitch regulator.</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>I'm working on automating a long arm too. How far have you gotten?? Lets chat!</p>
<p>Hi,<br>Good to here from someone.<br>We are moving so everything is a mess. Use regular email.<br>jgx394z1@gmail.com<br><br>Charles</p>
<p>Hello.. i am really interesting in this georgeous work!... how is it going wight now?</p>
<p>WOW I wonder in my husband can make me one. Looks very complex. Is it for quilting or embroidery? Do you have a video of it in operation?</p>
<p>nice work. very inspiring. This is something that interests me and has applicability world-wide to put this type of tool in the hands of those who need it at a price they can afford is worthwhile.</p><p>Great work!!</p>
<p>I cringe a vertical video, probably from filming eyes are located vertically.</p><p>меня одного коробит вертикальное видео, наверное у снимавшего глаза расположены вертикально.</p>
<p>Fantastic project. I built a CNC machine, this is close to that, but adding the sewing machine makes it more complex. </p><p>My wife needs a quilting machine - this is inspiring ! </p><p>You do good stuff! Keep it up.</p>
<p>I will try to do this project seems interesting, then I'll try to do a little embroidery, to see what comes out !.</p><p>Congratulations and thank you for all that you teach us.</p>
<p>Please add a video when you can :)</p>
Nice work! Interested to see what you make from it.... Nice bike too! Congrats on getting featured twice on instructables.. Thanks for sharing
<p>nice work... but this is not why i am commenting is because i've never look an asian like her before you habe a nice face :)</p>
<p>My mom does quilting with a computer controlled Long Arm (similar to the picture I attached). That's a monster of a machine by contrast to the instructable size. But, considering my mom's machine cost her about as much as a car, a small machine for tiny projects would be cool to see in an affordable/customizable package. Like someone else commented... I would love to see the instructable version in action.</p>
<p>Yeah, my goal was to bring an affordable project to the table! </p>
<p>do you have a video of this in action? <br>I want to see how it works before I build it</p>
<p>hey, unfortunately no because this is still under development. I am still working on it. I am on the phase of coding right now. </p>
<p>do you plan to update the instructable when you finish the coding phase? i am very interested to see how this plays out as you continue work on it. great idea and good instructable so far.</p>
<p>Hi! YES, I will definitely update this project after I am done with coding and everything. The project is new to me, and not many sources I can find online, so I definitely want to share with everyone! </p>
<p>SUPER COOL. Thank you so much for going into this much detail on your build. I hope other people follow up on this...!!!</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>

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