Picture of Arduino Quilting Machine

The Arduino Quilting Machine combines the mechanics of a sewing machine, CNC technology and Arduino as an operating system. The project is designed to translate a vector file from a computer into G-code and subsequently into Arduino language which then moves the machine. The project uses four stepper motors to control the x-axis, y-axis, the bobbin case, and the threading. The bed moves in x and y direction while the threading moves up and down. This project is currently a work in progress and still being developed and tested.

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Step 1: Block Diagram

Picture of Block Diagram

Step 2: Parts

Picture of Parts

Step 3: Laser-cut

1. Most of the parts are from laser-cut. I modeled in Rhino first to see how it looks and then make this laser cut file. The file is for 3/8”, 1/8” and 1/4" plywood.

2. Glue all the same parts together to prepare for construction, for example, all the A1 together, and all the B2 together....etc.

Step 4: Deconstructing the Mini Sewing Machine

Picture of Deconstructing the Mini Sewing Machine

Instead of fabricating all mechanical parts of the sewing machine, I took the existing parts of a mini sewing machine and reassembled them for my Arduino Quilting Machine. The only custom parts are the shuttle hook cover, shuttle race, bobbin case and the entire needle bar.

riquitrack1 month ago

I will try to do this project seems interesting, then I'll try to do a little embroidery, to see what comes out !.

Congratulations and thank you for all that you teach us.

builtofire1 year ago

Please add a video when you can :)

Nice work! Interested to see what you make from it.... Nice bike too! Congrats on getting featured twice on instructables.. Thanks for sharing
abenavente1 year ago

nice work... but this is not why i am commenting is because i've never look an asian like her before you habe a nice face :)

chaydock1 year ago

My mom does quilting with a computer controlled Long Arm (similar to the picture I attached). That's a monster of a machine by contrast to the instructable size. But, considering my mom's machine cost her about as much as a car, a small machine for tiny projects would be cool to see in an affordable/customizable package. Like someone else commented... I would love to see the instructable version in action.

Yu-Ning Lin (author)  chaydock1 year ago

Yeah, my goal was to bring an affordable project to the table!

cverzini1 year ago

do you have a video of this in action?
I want to see how it works before I build it

Yu-Ning Lin (author)  cverzini1 year ago

hey, unfortunately no because this is still under development. I am still working on it. I am on the phase of coding right now.

do you plan to update the instructable when you finish the coding phase? i am very interested to see how this plays out as you continue work on it. great idea and good instructable so far.

Yu-Ning Lin (author)  kewpiedoll991 year ago

Hi! YES, I will definitely update this project after I am done with coding and everything. The project is new to me, and not many sources I can find online, so I definitely want to share with everyone!

SUPER COOL. Thank you so much for going into this much detail on your build. I hope other people follow up on this...!!!

Yu-Ning Lin (author)  craftclarity1 year ago

Thank you!