Picture of Arduino RFID Lock
The Arduino RFID lock

How does it work?
The Arduino RFID lock is a lock that can be opened easily, but is secure. The lock works with a server database that can register card codes. On the door there is a RFID reader connected to the lock. If the RFID reader reads a registered card the door will open. One of the pictures gives a  schematic overview of the functionality of the Arduino RFID lock. 

In this instructable there will be explained how to setup a database, how to connect the RFID reader and how to set up  the Arduino controlled lock.

What materials are used?
·         Arduino (we used an Uno, but any kind is possible)
·         Servo
·         Breadboard
·         RFID reader
·         Mechanical cylindrical lock

Step 1: The database

Picture of The database
How to make?

Step 1: The database and PHP.


This link has one file with all the codes in it. For the database use the PHP_final.rar.

Create a Mysql database that is named ‘doorsystem’ and exists of 4 columns:
- ‘id’,
- ‘rfid’,
- ‘name’,
- ‘password’. 
In the upper image you can see the settings for the different columns. In the lower picture you see the different values for the columns. (Note the id is auto incremented so you don't have to manually assign it, and works as the key for the database)
Make sure you add an account named ‘admin’, the php files will automatically assign admin privileges to this account.

When the database is online, open the connection.php file and enter the database connection data.
The rest of the files can be uploaded as is. Check the system by going to the index page and logging in with your admin account. Try adding some users.
MayengaM7 months ago
MayengaM7 months ago
henpup7 months ago

Does the software run on Raspberry Pi? Also can you recommend some RFID readers or servo-moters?

JjA211 months ago

Hi there. Ive been following and studying this thread for awhile and i find this really awesome. I just want to know if this can also work on ID-20 RFID of Innovations which i bought from sparkfun?

And will this project can work with internet only? Since it has php and python. Do i need to have an ethernet shield to make it work?

I am in the same project but have no idea yet how to make interface and database.

your answers are much appreciated. Thank you guys.

sblanford1 year ago

What's the estimated cost for this?

adam.k2 years ago
What if this project explodes, breaks my computer and kills my cat?
Arizno adam.k1 year ago

but what if it works just fine an enriches your life and fatens your cat

nbarrager1 year ago

is the php_final supposed to be able to work on linux? because it doesn't