i recently got an arduino and the first project i tried was oomlouts instructable. there was to much work to do on the code so i made a simpler one.

Step 1: Parts

for the parts you will need
a common cathode rgb led
3 270-330 ohm resistors
an arduino der

if you have a common anode instead
you will need
3 NPN transistors
3 1k resistors
I have been looking for a way to do this but to safely use my arduino to control the RGB lighting in my room with the 12V 3A power supply without burning out my arduino and using the PWM for the control. Do you have any advice?
Try connecting it to a optoisolator or transistor. with the arduino on one side and 12V 3A on the other.
Also try MOSFETS<br>
I cld be mistaken but isn't the Arduino capable of sinking the LED current and therefore you wld not really need the transistors?
Its for say driving more than 1 rgb led
Shouldn't be better to use a led driver for an rgb led with different voltages for every channel?&nbsp;Someone said using resistors is not safe for the led lifetime.<br />
works fine with with me though i wanted to keep it cheap
Is the diagram correct for the direction of the diodes? It looks like the triangles are facing the wrong direction.
Yes the dirgram for the diodes is wrong reverse them
isnt this a picture of a common anode?
The code isn't downloading as the correct file, everytime I try to run it out the folder it won't open.
click save target as then click save type as the add .pde to the end
What arduino is this?
a duemilanove with, looks to be, 328.

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