Picture of Arduino RGB led controller
i recently got an arduino and the first project i tried was oomlouts instructable. there was to much work to do on the code so i made a simpler one.
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of parts
for the parts you will need
a common cathode rgb led
3 270-330 ohm resistors
an arduino der

if you have a common anode instead
you will need
3 NPN transistors
3 1k resistors

Step 2: Setup

Picture of setup

this is how you setup your led for common cathode of you have the other type go to step 3

red pin to resistor to pin 9
green pin to resistor to pin 10
blue pin to resitor to pin 11
longest pin to ground

DI is blue pin

D2 is green pin

D3 is red pin

Step 3: Common anode rgb

Picture of common anode rgb
rgb ca circuit.png

this step is for the common anode people
r4-6 1k
1-3 270-330 ohm

u1-3 npn transistor

D1 blue pin

D2 green pin

D3 red pin

ignore the pin 1-3 signs it is just the pin 9 10 11 signs that are for arduino

Step 4: Programing

here is the code for it

it is since to edit the code to make the different colour combinations
using a colour code chart or random colours

Step 5: Enjoy

Picture of enjoy

i hope you liked my instructable
Abaud44 years ago
The code isn't downloading as the correct file, everytime I try to run it out the folder it won't open.
PoisonMondo (author)  Abaud44 years ago
click save target as then click save type as the add .pde to the end