Picture of Arduino Range Finder Tutorial
Make your first project with an arduino UNO or any arduino, and a range finder sensor
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Step 1: Make Sure You've Got Everything!

Picture of Make Sure You've Got Everything!
Your gunna need- 4 jumper wires 1 arduino ( I used UNO) 1 breadboard 1 data cable to program the arduino 1 hc-sro4 sensor

Step 2: Plug Your Sensor Into The Breadboard

Picture of Plug Your Sensor Into The Breadboard
Put your sensor into the breadboard along with 4 jumper wires.

Step 3: Attach To Arduino

Picture of Attach To Arduino
Gnd - gnd Echo- digital pin 2 Trig - digital pin 3 Vcc - 5v

Step 4: Write The Code

Picture of Write The Code
2013 17:30.jpg
Just copy from photo

Step 5: Plug In And Upload

Picture of Plug In And Upload
2013 17:30.jpg
Plug your arduino into your pc and upload. Open serial monitor in top right corner and have fun. You can use this with hundreds of projects good luck