Picture of Arduino / Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

This is a project for Arduino and Raspberry Pi to make an Internet Radio, aimed at intermediate skill level. Some familiarity with Linux usage will be beneficial (or access to someone who can help out if required).

Raspberry Pi runs mpd music player daemon to receive and decode the internet radio stream.
ALSA running on the Raspberry Pi provides the sound through either the Jack Socket or the HDMI output.

Arduino runs a nanpy interface code to interface with Python, providing Text output of the Radio Station playing and Button inputs to control Playback.

* Learn how to use the mpd/mpc on the Raspberry Pi
* Learn how to use the nanpy library for Python to interface the Pi to the Arduino
* Make a Cool Internet Radio

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Step 1: You Will Need

Picture of You Will Need
You will need:
* Arduino UNO
* LCD / Keyboard Shield e.g. (http://goo.gl/XAhvx)
* Raspberry Pi
* USB and Ethernet cables
Jazzi_p1 year ago
Here's Updated Indented code, Enjoy:

from datetime              import datetime 
from subprocess            import * 
from time                  import sleep, strftime 
from Queue                 import Queue 
from threading             import Thread
import os
from nanpy import Arduino, Lcd

Arduino.pinMode(14, input)

lcd = Lcd([8,9,4,5,6,7],[16,2])            # Setup the LCD pins for the Sainsmart Shield
lcd.printString("Jess's Web Radio",0,0)
lcd.printString("Loading" + "."*3,0,1)
max_trax = 74
x = 1
loop_menu = 1
loop_radio = 1

def display_ipaddr(): 
   show_wlan0 = "ip addr show wlan0 | cut -d/ -f1 | awk '/inet/ {printf \"w%15.15s\", $2}'" 
   show_eth0  = "ip addr show eth0  | cut -d/ -f1 | awk '/inet/ {printf \"e%15.15s\", $2}'" 
   ipaddr = run_cmd(show_eth0) 
   if ipaddr == "": 
      ipaddr = run_cmd(show_wlan0) 
   lcd.printString('IP Address:',0,0)

def displaymenu():    
    if x==1:
        lcd.printString("1. Display      ",0,0)
        lcd.printString("   IP Address   ",0,1)
    elif x==2:
        lcd.printString("2. Audio Output ",0,0)
        lcd.printString("   to hdmi Port ",0,1)
    elif x==3:
        lcd.printString("3. Audio Output ",0,0)
        lcd.printString("  to Analog port",0,1)
    elif x==4:
        lcd.printString("4. Audio Output ",0,0)
        lcd.printString("  Auto Sel. Port",0,1)
    elif x==5:
        lcd.printString("5. Reload the   ",0,0)
        lcd.printString("   Playlist     ",0,1)
    elif x==6:
        lcd.printString("6. ShutDown     ",0,0)
        lcd.printString("   the System   ",0,1)
        lcd.printString("7. Exit to      ",0,0)
        lcd.printString("   Main Menu    ",0,1)

def load_playlist(): 
   output = run_cmd("mpc clear") 
   output = run_cmd("/home/pi/radio_playlist.sh") 
def run_cmd(cmd): 
   p = Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=PIPE, stderr=STDOUT) 
   output = p.communicate()[0] 
   return output

def getKey():                             
   val = Arduino.analogRead(14)
   if val == 1023:
      return "NONE"
   elif val < 100:
      return "RIGHT"
   elif val < 150:
      return "UP"
   elif val < 330:
      return "DOWN"
   elif val < 510:
      return "LEFT"
   elif val < 750:
      return "SEL"
      return "KBD_FAULT"

def getTrack():
   #L= [S.strip('\n') for S in os.popen('mpc').readlines()]        # Get the Track info from the stdout of the mpc command
   output = run_cmd("mpc current")
   station = output [0:16]                                           # Pick out the Station and Track info
   track =  output [-17:-1]
   lcd.printString(station + " "*(16 - len(station)), 0, 0)
   lcd.printString(track + " "*(16 - len(track)), 0, 1)

track_num = 1                                                     # Start off on Track number 1
os.system("mpc play "+str(track_num))                             # Tell the OS to Play it

while loop_radio == 1:
   loop_menu = 1
   x = 1
   key = getKey()
   if key == "UP":
      track_num += 1
      if track_num > max_trax:
         track_num = max_trax
      os.system("mpc play " + str(track_num))
   elif key == "DOWN":
      track_num -= 1
      if track_num < 1:
         track_num = 1
      os.system("mpc play " + str(track_num))
   elif key == "SEL":
      while loop_menu == 1:
           key = getKey()
           if key == "RIGHT":
                  os.system("mpc volume +2")
                  lcd.printString(16*" ", 0, 0)
                  lcd.printString(16*" ", 0, 1)
                  output = run_cmd("mpc volume")
                  lcd.printString("VOLUME UP:", 0, 0)
                  lcd.printString(output, 5, 1)
                        lcd.printString(16*" ",0,0)
                        lcd.printString(16*" ",0,1)
           elif key == "LEFT":
                  os.system("mpc volume -2")
                  lcd.printString(16*" ",0,0)
                  lcd.printString(16*" ", 0,1)
                  output = run_cmd("mpc volume")
                  lcd.printString("VOLUME DOWN:", 0, 0)
                  lcd.printString(output, 5, 1)
                        lcd.printString(16*" ",0,0)
                        lcd.printString(16*" ",0,1)
           elif key == "UP":
                 if x <= 1:
                     x = 7
                    x = x - 1
           elif key == "DOWN":
                 if x >= 7:
                      x = 1
                     x = x + 1       
           elif key == "SEL":
                 if x == 1:
               elif x == 2:
                     output = run_cmd("amixer -q cset numid=3 2")
                     lcd.printString("Audio OUT-->HDMI", 0, 0)
                     lcd.printString("output ", 0, 1)
                 elif x == 3:
                     output = run_cmd("amixer -q cset numid=3 1")
                     lcd.printString("Audio OUT->Analog", 0, 0)
                    lcd.printString("output ", 0, 1)
                 elif x == 4:
                     output = run_cmd("amixer -q cset numid=3 0")
                     lcd.printString("Audio OUT->  Auto", 0, 0)
                     lcd.printString("output ", 0, 1)
                 elif x == 5:
                        os.system('mpc play 1')
                 elif x == 6:
                     lcd.printString("Good Bye         ", 0, 0)
                     lcd.printString("Have a Nice Day  ", 0, 1)
                                output = run_cmd("mpc clear")
                                output = run_cmd("sudo shutdown now")
                elif x == 7:
                     loop_menu = 0
   elif key == "RIGHT":
                  os.system("mpc volume +2")
                  lcd.printString(16*" ",0,0)
                  lcd.printString(16*" ", 0,1)
                  output = run_cmd("mpc volume")
                  lcd.printString("VOLUME UP:", 0, 0)
                  lcd.printString(output, 5, 1)
                        lcd.printString(16*" ",0,0)
                        lcd.printString(16*" ",0,1)
   elif key == "LEFT":
                 os.system("mpc volume -2")
                  lcd.printString(16*" ", 0, 0)
                  lcd.printString(16*" ", 0, 1)
                  output = run_cmd("mpc volume")
                  lcd.printString("VOLUME DOWN:", 0, 0)
                  lcd.printString(output, 5, 1)
                        lcd.printString(16*" ",0,0)
                        lcd.printString(16*" ",0,1)

Guxtdu Jazzi_p1 year ago
Nice projekt have you the code in a file that i can use
with copy & past it brings some errors in a am not a programmer

i also use a Arduino Mega 2560 and the key's dont work :-(
Guxtdu Guxtdu1 year ago
Problems are solved
on the Mega Board the analog 14 Pin is Pin 54

the Python programm is now workung but after starting the program
the Display shows the ip an the loads the first Sender then the Raspberry
crashes :-( an i can only reset it
Jazzi_p2 years ago
I have merged this radio project with usualpanic.com web radio. The menu is added to display ip addess, set the audio port to hdmi/analog or auto. Also added the shutdown option. The volume keys are changed to left and right buttons and also it display's the volume status on the LCD, to change the stations we use up and bottom key. The Select key is used to activate the sub menu. I will upload the modified python program soon.
Another option added is to Reload of playlist. Please check the tutorial on usualpanic.com for creating radio_playlist.sh file.
MatthewB3525 days ago

I see the breadboard, but didn't notice it listed in the parts list or instructions.

gary.reardon22 months ago
Ok so i got the radio playing through my tv via hdmi. But i have no read out on my lcd. I am using the same one that you are.

Can you please help!
gary.reardon22 months ago

ok i have done everything up until step 6 ! i can hear the stations playing through my t.v. via hdmi. I am going to have to get a different lcd because it did not come with the control buttons.

Now the kit I have has a ir remote control could i a use that to control the stations or will it be easier with the button controls.

thanks in advance!

akellyirl (author)  gary.reardon22 months ago

You could, but if you're a beginner I think that would be pretty difficult.

gary.reardon23 months ago

i have a question, after doing the build can you still use the pi as a computer or do you have to keep it connected as a radio? Sorry I am very new to arduino but I have experience with raspberry pi.

akellyirl (author)  gary.reardon22 months ago

You can still connect to the Pi and use it in the normal way if you run the Python program in the background (i.e. python radio.py &).

Gimicpot3 months ago

Nice tutorial. Thanks a lot I made it now the question is how can i change the play list of the radio stations.

gary.reardon23 months ago

what are you using to hear the music? external speaker?

akellyirl (author)  gary.reardon23 months ago


vorrei un aiuto per favore, mi sono bloccato nelle installazioni del raspberry per la configurazione iniziale e mi da sempre fallito o errore

etype6 months ago

can someone please help me to setup a 24×3 lcd on my raspberry pi b+

it has 18 pins link to photo here http://www.etypetv.com/pi

i need pin outs for this display to raspberry pi b+

Thank you so much because this is exactly what I wanted to do with the Pandoras Box project someone has online. Kudos and thank you. Moddie ModMan M3 & Pharaoh
AvrDon1 year ago

Hi could I use this to stream this radio station ?


Thank you

NaeemA1 year ago

File "test2.py", line 6

SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character '\xc2' in file test2.py on line 6, but no encoding declared; see http://www.python.org/peps/pep-0263.html for details

navi971 year ago
Arduino / Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

Please help

I can not translate in English

who sent me an Arduino / Raspberry Pi Internet Radio on sd card

Raspberry Pi

Arduino UNO

16X2 LCD display

reply to navi2@seznam.cz

What would be the price through pay pal

thank you

tonygo21 year ago

Email arduinolink@gmail for how to install the new version 0.9

tonygo21 year ago

Nanpy version 0.9 is out now but the old versions (0.7 & 0.8) are no longer available on the net. Get instructions for installing the new version from me. Email arduinolink@gmail.com

Tony Goodhew

hi !!! can i make this radio work only whit raspberry pi and an lcd attached to it ?

akellyirl (author)  lucariomike1 year ago

Yes. I think that should be possible. A simple search revealed this article.

Arizno1 year ago

This instructable is no longer good. The firmware does not exist on the nanpy folder any more. I guess its a whole separate folder. Correct me if im wrong.

akellyirl (author)  Arizno1 year ago

I've checked the nanpy install, and it is still there!

Try the specified location:


issca1 year ago

I need your help once, I get no display on my display when I run the command make upload I get either an error message or it takes too long and the ssh connection breaks down so I have to start the raspberry pi new. the radio the other hand, works without problems.

I thank you for your great project

srogan11 year ago

Sorted all the indents out seems to run but Im getting

song number greater than playlist length.

Any ideas ?

Im using these mms links

BBC Radio 1 -
BBC Radio 2 -
BBC Radio 3 -
BBC Radio 4 -
BBC Radio 5 Live -
BBC Radio 5 Live Extra -
BBC 6 Music -
BBC Radio 7 -

bsiegel12 years ago
I get syntax errors at elif key == "LEFT":
akellyirl (author)  bsiegel12 years ago
Indentation is important in Python. Make sure the elif statement has the same number of spaces at the start of the line at the if previously.
EL84 akellyirl1 year ago
Hi, tried this tutorial, but after upload I got boxes in the upper line and the lower line stays empty. What went wrong? Can somebody help me?
YangAoG1 year ago

Hi is it possible if i do not include the arduino LCD/keypad shield? i am trying to find a guide where i can just used the raspberry pi + arduino + ethernet cable but i can't seem to find a proper guide out there. Something like this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBbhug3Jwq8 but there isn't any guide on it.

Jazzi_p1 year ago
akellyirl, thanks for indenting the code.
I have uploaded the updated code below with indents...
Thanks for a great project...
damianest2 years ago
Thanks a lot for the great tutorial and project I'm having an issue though when I attempt to change stations with the keypad. I get the following errors:

i@raspberrypi ~ $ Radio Paradise - DJ-mixed modern & classic rock, world, electronica, & more: Regina Spektor - Better
[playing] #1/5   0:00/0:00 (0%)
volume: n/a   repeat: off   random: off   single: off   consume: off
['Radio Paradise - DJ-mixed modern & classic rock, world, electronica, & more: Regina Spektor - Better', '[playing] #1/5   0:00/0:00 (0%)', 'volume: n/a   repeat: off   random: off   single: off   consume: off']
Radio Paradise
Spektor - Bette
Chilltrax - The World's Chillout Channel: Maya Jane Coles - Something In The Air [Don't Put Me In Your Box]
[playing] #2/5   0:00/0:00 (0%)
volume: n/a   repeat: off   random: off   single: off   consume: off
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "radio.py", line 51, in <module>
  File "radio.py", line 33, in getTrack
    lcd.printString(station, 0, 0)
  File "build/bdist.linux-armv6l/egg/nanpy/arduinoboard.py", line 56, in wrapper
  File "build/bdist.linux-armv6l/egg/nanpy/arduinoboard.py", line 37, in _call
  File "build/bdist.linux-armv6l/egg/nanpy/arduinoboard.py", line 10, in return_value
  File "build/bdist.linux-armv6l/egg/nanpy/serialmanager.py", line 53, in readline
UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xf8 in position 0: ordinal not in range(128)

Any suggestions?
akellyirl (author)  damianest2 years ago
Glad you liked it.

It looks to me like the station value returned from mpc is causing the error.

To debug, move the print statements before the lcd.printStrings() command. At least then you'll be able to see what's causing the problem.

As a solution I suggest making use of Python's try except commands.

See : http://wiki.python.org/moin/HandlingExceptions

For example:
lcd.printString(track, 0, 1)
print "track value error"

What this does is to 'try' to execute the lcd.printString command but if it throws an exception then print the message and continue with the program. That will prevent the program from reporting the error and stopping.

For an example of how it can be used see:

Good Luck,