This is a simple reaction time tester. It will randomly turn on a L.E.D. and measure the time it takes you to press a button and then send the measurement to your computer.
<p>That's amazing. A great work. Do you think that it could be used to screen or assess degree of substance abuse?</p>
<p>nice good work</p>
<p>good beginners projet </p><p>is it possible to make it so it stop and led flickers if u press it too early</p><p>and could u make it that</p><p>i made it too but i dont have camera so i cant show it but its good </p>
<p>It is possible to do, I will upload the changes in the code soon. </p>
<p>I have attached the new code to this comment, if you press the button too soon the LED will blink, and give you a message in the serial terminal.</p><p>Sorry it took so long, I have been bust and this silpped my mind.</p>
thx good work

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