Arduino Realtime Clock Using Ds1302


Introduction: Arduino Realtime Clock Using Ds1302

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This week I decided that I want to build a clock. I want a clock that

always have the right time so I need a component that can do this I did some research and I found the ds1302.

Step 1: Watch the Video

I made a video on YouTube where i show you how to do it! So go check that one out.

Step 2: Code

Here are the sketches used in this project

there are three sketches and two libraries make sure you installed these

you need to install the libraries "ds1302" and "lcdi²c"

Step 3: No I²c Lcd?

if you don't have a i²c lcd it's not a problem. open the folder ds1302 and then go to examples then open DS1302_LCD connect the normal lcd screen and this would work fine.

Step 4: TechMaker

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    10 Discussions

    I can't find the code...!!!

    salut comment vous faite pour lancer le timer et la dates ???????

    Hi . Can i ask you a question ? The thing is i am working a door lock project and my arduino has only 1 digital pin left . I want to ask you is there any solution for adding 3 more pins for the real time module ? I have 2 pins for led , 1 pin for buzzer , 1 pin for button and 8 pins for keypad. Your project is great so i want to add it in mine project . Thanks


    2 years ago

    Can you give a part number or better description of the module for the Ds1302.

    3 replies

    Hi here is a link of the product

    I have put them into the code part right now.