Introduction: Arduino Remote Control (ARC)

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In this project, we will be making a Arduino Remote Control (ARC) that decode any Infrared (IR) Remote into hex or any other format and use it to turn LED On/Off!

It’s a fairly easy project and could be done in few minutes. Here we go.

Step 1: List of Material

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For this project, we will be using:

- Arduino boards (mine Arduino Uno Rev3)

- An IR Reciever

- IR 333 Transmitter


- Any Remote

Step 2: Hardware Connections

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In general, the connections are very simple. Follow the instructions and images above, and you should have no problems.

Connecting IR Receiver

  • The VCC pin on Arduino's 5V output
  • The GND pin to Arduino's GND pin
  • The Output to Arduino's digital pin 11

Connecting IR 333 Transmitter

  • The VCC pin to Arduino's digital pin 3
  • The GND pin to Arduino's GND pin

Connecting LED

  • The VCC pin to Arduino's digital pin
  • The GND pin to Arduino's GND pin

In this project I use my own custom protoshield , check it out how to make it.

Step 3: Software Programming

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Upload Arduino_Remote to Arduino Uno, and Run VB_Remote from debug folder, and you should have no problem. Below is the preview of the programs.

Step 4: Enjoy!

After making sure that everything works smoothly, you can take this project into bigger project that could be controlled remotely!

Power through batteries or a plug and you’re good to go!


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Very cool!

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