Arduino Remote Control Lights with Universal Remote

Step 7: Disguise Your Creation To Fit In Your Space

Picture of Disguise Your Creation To Fit In Your Space
Command Strip.jpg
Power cuts.jpg
In order to use my creation I now had to make it pretty, or at least hide it somehow.

Enter the hollowed out book idea! A classic!
I found a very inexpensive book at a local Half Priced book shop and hollowed it out using an exacto knife and a LOT of patience.
Next, I mounted the Arduino to a piece of cardboard that I cut from a 12-pack box of soda, using Command strips. I did this so the components wouldn't move around in the book when placed inside.

Seat the cardboard mount behind the last page that you hollowed out and measure (eyeball it) where you will need to cut the pages so that you can still plug your board into power.

Next, take your exacto knife and make an opening for the power cables.
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