Step 5: Wiring the Power Strip

Picture of Wiring the Power Strip
Omron Pinout.jpg
Open up the power strip. (See picture) The one I used has three standard dual AC outlets. From the right on top, basically the black wire from the AC cord connects to a switch, then the circuit breaker, then to first outlet. The first outlet is connected to the second and the second to the third. The two connections on top of each dual outlet are actually shorted together so all the black wires are electrically connected.
The white wires on the bottom follow the same pattern.

Important: Standard U.S. AC wiring specifies that the black wire is the hot side and the one that you want to switch. If you look at the switch on the right, you can see that the black wires go to the switch but that the white wire goes right to the circuit breaker.
If you look at the left outlet, you will notice a little black item with some electrical tape on it. That is the relay.

Wiring: I can’t get a picture of the wiring so will describe it instead. I cut the black wire between the second and third outlets. One side goes to the common pin, 3 on the relay. (See drawing of relay pinout) The other side of the black wire goes to the NC pin, 2 of the relay. {What this means is that when the relay is not energized, the two wires are connected and AC is on the last two sockets. When the relay is energized, the connection is opened and no power goes to the sockets}. Pins 1 and 8 are the coil pins and are connected to speaker wires coming from the Anarduino. For this relay it doesn’t matter which wire is connected to which side of the coil.
Make sure the two black wires are not touching any other pins of the relay or anything else in the power strip. I isolated them with hot glue.
Make sure the two (speaker) wires coming from the Anarduino are only connected to pins 1 and 8 of the relay and not touching the black wires or anything else in the power strip.
  If you have an DMM, measure the two AC leads of the power strip plug. They should be open, (infinite resistance) with nothing plugged in.
Otherwise plug it in very carefully.