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Introduction: Arduino Robot Arm

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I had promised in a previous post to share with you an arduino robot arm project at a later date. Well, that date is today! However, instead of using a joystick to control the arduino robot arm, I am going to pre-program the arm movements. Why? Well, because for starters the arduino joystick i bought has not yet been delivered. However, I am going to redo the project using the arduino joystick once I get it

Step 1: Requirements

  • Robot Arm
  • SSC-32
  • Arduino board (i used the arduino duemilanove)
  • Battery (you can use a 5v power supply instead of the battery)
  • Voltage regulator (not needed if 5v power supply is used)
  • 2 USB to serial cables
I bought the Robot arm, ssc-32 and arduino board from Bizoner. The other materials were locally acquired

Step 2: Connect the Arduino Board and SSC-32

Connecting the arduino board and SSC-32 is an easy procedure, especially if you have been following my posts. You can also check out this link, to learn more on that.
After successfully connecting the 2 boards, set the SSC-32 baud rate to 9600 so that the two boards can communicate.

Step 3: Connect the Servo Motors

Connect the servo motors to the servo channels/pins of the SSC-32. You can connect them whichever way you want, depending on your code.
This is how i connected the servo motors on the SSC-32.

Servo motor-------Pin
f -----------------7

Step 4: Power the Setup

Once the servos are connected, power the setup. There are several powering options you can use. See the different powering options in my previous posts.
I decided to power the arduino due and the SSC-32 logic via USB cable and the servos with a 5v battery as shown in the photos.

Step 5: Coding

Now you can generate your code. Write your code on the arduino IDE and upload it onto the arduino board and watch your robot arm come alive. I have a sample code that i will share with you. However, it is important to note that it only works if you use the same SSC-32 servo pin configuration. Therefore, attach your servo motors to the pins i have specified above, if you are planning on dry running my example code.

The example code is attached below. If you have problems downloading it, visit arduino robot arm tutorial and copy paste the code from there.



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    27 Discussions

    can i get sampel coding for control robotic arm???

    and were can i get??

    I think this is really cool

    how to control the hand , can it be wired one??

    how to control the hand , can it be wired one??

    how to control the hand , can it be wired one??

    how to control the hand , can it be wired one??

    how to control the hand , can it be wired one??

    wow such a awesome robot wow if there would be a another arduino car or ..... under the arm

    can the code be used on owi robotic arm?

    I see that you used both an arduino and a ssc 32. I made a similar robot arm using a similar kit that came with the ssc 32 but am only using the arduino to control it. I was wondering why you used both boards simultaneously and if there were any benefits in doing that.

    Wow,this robot arm can controlled by mouse or joystick!If it can be controlled in more mode,that would be better.Exactly,I had discovered a robot arm that can be controlled by six mode,but I forget where I see it.Who knows?

    1 reply

    Sir can u please give the specifications about the size of the arm like each sections length, width and height and when its circular its radius and all. please reply asap. its urgent. thankyou

    1 reply

    Hi friend.... Did u got any further information to build the arm?

    The one i have described above has a fixed function. However, you can add a joystick or mouse to the setup and program it such that you can control the robot arm using the mouse/joystick

    Thanks a lot sir.I was working on Arduino from a short term and your tutorial has provided me a boost to learn many things.Thank you very much.I am looking forward to be addicted to your tutorials.

    No doubt ur work is great man..but..

    if we could control it ourselves it would be better,rather than it just repeating its movements..

    Im on it..
    ill surely post it in here..:)