Arduino Robot - Tree Of Life

Materials List:

1) Arduino Duemilanovue
2) Aluminum sheet metal
3) Alumnium wires
4) 5x 3mm blue LEDs
5) Brass eyelets
6) Single core wires
7) Display case

Visit http://retardokiddo.blogspot.com/ for details and comments!

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where is the code for this?
Amazing artwork! SO very creative, good job.
I like it verry mutch too. I think i will try to do something simillar with what i have at home and i don`t need. Thanks for idea.<br />
you must let me know and show it when done! good luck!<br />
Ok, i will contact you when it`s done. If you want, you can find me at pathristikon@yahoo.com and we can talk. In this case, maybe you will help me with some advices. Thanks verry mutch again!<br />
&nbsp;beautiful piece of art! like it so so so much..&nbsp;

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