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Introduction: Arduino Robot

This bipedal robot is built as cheaply as possible. Hence there are no sensors, fancy servos or brackets.

Height of robot: 20cm
Weight of frame: 150g
Weight of batteries: 210g

Microcontroller: Arduino Duemilanove
Power supply: 6xAA batteries (7.8V)
Servos: 6x r/c micro servos (HXT900)

Main building materials: ice-cream sticks, brass eyelets, hot glue, corrugated plastic board.
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    Hi, i try to make a robot that i built with 6 Servos just like yours but i have a problem writing the code . Even if i use the libraries from arduino wifi and there is no error , it doesn't make the correct steps . Can you tell me something about the code you used?


    Where are the instructions

    can it turn i am looking for a design for a biped that can turn

    i think that fobo form project biped can turn, also it uses a ultrasound sensor so it can avoid things

    i dont know how to program that T_T

    @The nerdling no my last name is Intal

    change the foots angles make it balancing if you understand what i'm saying...if you not, send me a PM

     HAY friend are you from Serbia?

    haha no.. must be the misleading soundtrack huh.. cheers