This bipedal robot is built as cheaply as possible. Hence there are no sensors, fancy servos or brackets.

Height of robot: 20cm
Weight of frame: 150g
Weight of batteries: 210g

Microcontroller: Arduino Duemilanove
Power supply: 6xAA batteries (7.8V)
Servos: 6x r/c micro servos (HXT900)

Main building materials: ice-cream sticks, brass eyelets, hot glue, corrugated plastic board.
Please visit http://retardokiddo.blogspot.com/ for more pics, details and support.
Where are the instructions<br>
How do you make it???
can it turn i am looking for a design for a biped that can turn
i think that fobo form project biped can turn, also it uses a ultrasound sensor so it can avoid things
i dont know how to program that T_T
@The nerdling no my last name is Intal
Toby robb?
change the foots angles make it balancing if you understand what i'm saying...if you not, send me a PM
&nbsp;HAY friend are you from Serbia?
haha no.. must be the misleading soundtrack huh.. cheers<br />
I love that music. I don't understand the language, but would like to get the music.
Polska? :/
no he is from bosnia
hello guy. Nice job, I like this arduino robots walking, i;m very interesting if is possible please post me the code source about i'm at first experience in programming. Thank for help. Hila
Nice job - thanks for taking the time to do the video!
sta ce srpska muzika na americkoj stranici<br />
NIce man good job it looks like mj moon walk good though
Wow that is cool you should skin it to look like Huey, Dewy or Louie&nbsp; from&nbsp; the ole' Sci-fi Movie classic &quot;Silent running&quot; . It's the first thing I thought of when i saw it walk... Very nice...<br />
That's a pretty clever servo setup. One question, why is everyone obsessed with arduio? a normal avr works just as well!
It seems the Ardino has massive support and is complete and ready to go. Just right for us newbies.
why are his feet sliding on the floor ? are they plastic ?<br />
Looks like the floor is REAL slick. Maybe glue on sandpaper for better traction.
<strong>Write an Instructable!</strong><br/>
looks great :) gonna make a mk2? and make an ible for it? :3
Awesome! Great job!

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