Arduino - SOLAR TRACKER Using Photoresistors and a Servo


Introduction: Arduino - SOLAR TRACKER Using Photoresistors and a Servo

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Hello world! Today i build a solar tracker with a mini solar panel a servo and 2 Photoresistors. Follow the next step for the schematic, Code & Parts list.

Step 1: Schematic, Code & Parts List.

Simply wire it up like the schematic and it should work.

You need to play with the photoresistors a bit to get it to work. If you take a look at the video you see how i created a small wall between the 2 Photoresistors, to make it work properly. Good luck!

Parts list.

  1. Arduino uno, I used the robotdyn uno.
  2. 2x photoresistor.
  3. 1x servo.
  4. 2x 10 k Resistor
  5. Jumper wire set MM/FF/MF.

Good luck!



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    Thanks Mate! Will be part of my future 2 axis solar tracker.

    cool i made it today lets call it timing :P

    More instructions please citizen!